New Items up at my ETSY store

I finally got around to posting up my latest items on my ETSY store.  Please stop by and check them out.

AMBER BY DESIGN - Cheesecake Pop Hat

This hat is hand crocheted from the Premier Sweet Roll Cheesecake Pop yarn.  One hat takes one entire roll of yarn, including the pom-pom.  There are small bobbles crocheted into the brim area of the hat to give it a more fun and charming look.  The yarn gives it a natural striping with different shades and sizes of stripes.  

AMBER BY DESIGN - Snowflake Sparkle Slouchy Hat

This hat is hand crocheted from a lovely sparkly white acrylic yarn.  (Unfortunately, the sparkle does not show up real well in the photos, but it is there.)  It is soft and warm and nice for the cool weather.

AMBER BY DESIGN - Rainbow Sprinkles Ripple Stitch Cowl

Crocheted ripple stitch makes this warm and cozy scarf fun to wear and to look at.  It is made from the Caron Cakes Rainbow Sprinkles yarn, which is mostly wool with a splash of acrylic thrown in for ease of care.  It is long enough to wrap twice around the neck or is can be worn in a long loop.  The colors are bright and cheerful and full of life.

AMBER BY DESIGN - Victorian Garden Slouchy Hat

This hat is crocheted from a nice, soft acrylic yarn that self stripes in a lovely grouping of colors.  These colors made me think of the flowers that would be in a garden in Victorian England - roses, asters, violets, tulips, pansies, lilies, and the like.  The ribbed brim is tighter and helps hold it on while the gathered slouchy back hangs just against the neck.

AMBER BY DESIGN - Blueberry Cheesecake Slouchy Hat

This hat is crocheted from the Caron Cakes Blueberry Cheesecake yarn and is striped in lovely shades of blue.  It is only slightly slouchy compared to some of the other ones that I have, but still sports a cheerful pom-pom on the back.  The yarn is soft and warm, made from acrylic and wool.

There are two of these available.  Both are made from the same skein of yarn but are slightly different in shades of blue.

AMBER BY DESIGN - Lemon Lime Slouchy Hat

This super slouchy hat is made from a cheerful green yarn, the Caron Cakes Lemon Lime.  The pom-pom on the end merges nicely into the main body of the hat, the colors coming together just right.  It is warm and soft, perfect for the cool weather.  Made from wool and a little acrylic, it is easy to take care of, though I always recommend hand washing and laying flat to dry.  This helps keep the pom-pom nice and neat and keeps the yarn from pilling.

If you have any questions, feel free to let me know.  

Thanks a bunch!  

Have a nice day!


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