Scarfie Woodsman Hood

The last time I was at JoAnn's drooling over yarn, I noticed that there was one color of the Lion Brand Scarfie yarn was on clearance.  I wasn't really sold on the color as it was a taupe/charcoal ombre mix.  I am not a huge fan of browns and taupes, but I have used the Scarfie yarn before and loved it so I decided to give it a shot.

For the pattern, I chose the Cheshire Cat Hoodie that I used already for one of my daughter's Christmas presents.  But, I am not using it for that particular purpose.  Instead, I am using it for a base.  

I started to follow the pattern for stitch number, but quickly realized that some changes needed to made. I added about 20 more stitches and about 5 more rows to make it full enough.  The front of the hood is done in alternating front and back stitches to give it a banded look.  The yarn worked up into a really nice grouping of ombre stripes.  I still used the lacing up the back of the hood to hold it together because I really liked the way that it looked.  It could easily be stitched up instead of laced.  The closure mostly depends on one's preference.  

For this particular variation on the hood, I didn't want to put the long tassels on the front since I was going for a slightly different look.  After looking at some other hoods online, I decided on a scarf addition to the front edges.  Originally, they were supposed to be the same length, but the yarn ran a little short, so one side ended up being a little longer than the other.  But, I think that it came out looking fine.  

Check out the listing on my ETSY page for this hood.  I plan to do another one in a black and green ombre after the holidays.

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