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I have lots of scarves available for this cold weather we are having here in the Midwest, though I am sure that other areas are going to feel the sting of the cold as well.

This scarf is made from the new Caron Cakes yarn and is a lovely combination of acrylic and wool.  It's long enough to wrap around once and lay nicely around the neck and shoulders.

This fun cowl scarf is tight enough to hug your neck and give lots of warmth.  It's made out of acrylic yarn that stripes in watermelon colors.  The yarn is chunky so it gives this cowl lots of depth.

Now you can wear your lunch and look awesome!  This Chef Salad Scarf is made from all acrylic yarn and has lots of character.  With your salad you get leaf lettuce, tomatoes, red onions, egg slices, carrot sticks, and mushrooms.

Self Striping yarn makes this cowl really stand out.  It is made from a soft acrylic and wool combination in blues, gray and white.  It isn't long enough to wrap around twice, but lays nicely as it is.

This scarf is definitely one of my favorites.  It is made from the Caron Cakes yarn in a color called Gelato.  It is stepped meaning the it is stitched in a way that it has points on the edges.  It lays nicely and is long enough to wrap around a couple of times.

This fun and whimsical scarf is reminiscent of Luna Lovegood and her Dirigible Plums.  There are two beets hanging from several strands of green leaves.  It can be worn around the neck in several different fashions, all culminating in a silly and unique piece of neck wear.  

There are some other scarves up on my page, but these above are definitely my favs.  

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