A Crochet Story

I saw on Pinterest recently a great pattern for a crochet Cheshire cat hood.  The picture of the young lady that was modeling it really made me think of my daughter's personality.  So, I set about getting supplies together to make it for her for Christmas.

Check out the pattern here.

I hit up Michaels with a 20% off total purchase coupon and took a look at the yarn.  I didn't want to go with the color choices in the pictures, even though I liked them.  They just weren't really up my daughter's alley.  And the Cheshire Cat colors weren't really her thing either, so I had to take a good long look at the colors available.  I decided on purples and grays for her hood.  She likes them both and they make a nice muted combination since she's not real big on bright colors.

I ended up with the following:

- Loops and Threads Powdery in Purple.  (Yes, the link goes to the black option, but there is a picture of the purple just under it)
- Loops and Threads Cozy Wool in Velvet.  (Once again, the link doesn't actually go to the color, but the color I used is the last color shown)
- Loops and Threads Cozy Wool in Granite. (And again, the link is the same as above.  The color I used is the 2nd from the left in the middle row)
- Loops and Threads Country Loom in Lavender Blue.  (3rd from the end on the top row)

Since I wanted one of these hoods as well, though not with the ears, I took a look around for some more forest elf-y colors.  It was a hard choice because there were a lot that would have fit into the color scheme that I was going for, but I narrowed my options down after a while.

- Loops and Threads 1st Kiss in Autumn Leaf.
- Loops and Threads Cozy Wool in Goldenrod. (6th color in the middle row)
- Loops and Thread Cozy Wool in Moss Green. (1st color in the middle row)
- Loops and Threads Country Loom in Fall Leaf.  (3rd color in on the top row)

When I did her hood, in the purple, I followed the pattern pretty religiously.  I figured out which color corresponded to the color names that she used.  I made sure to change colors in my stitches at the right times.  I measured out the yarn for the tassels.  The only thing that I changed was that I added some silvery grey eyelash yarn into my stitches with the Lavender Blue.  It really added some nice texture and made it stand out well.

After making her hood, I had quite a bit leftover, so I made another one.  This time, however, I did more free form with the color choices.  I used all of the same yarn that I had for the purple but allocated it differently to use what I had the most of as the main color.  I ended up getting two hoods out of the yarn that I bought, only the second one didn't have ears.

Check it out on my ETSY store.

For the forest colored one that I planned for myself, I still got two out of the yarn that I had, but I didn't do the tassels.  I didn't really want them on that hood and I was running short on yarn because the Country Loom Fall Leaf that I had was one I had already used some of so there wasn't enough.  The hood still came out looking quite nice and I am pleased with it.

Here is the listing at my ETSY store.

I will probably make these again in the future for my Etsy store with some different colors.

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