I'm Baaaccccckkkk!


I am glad to be back at it!

I have been working crazily on crochet projects left and right, trying to make enough inventory to get myself into a craft fair.  No luck so far finding ones that I can afford.  It's crazy how expensive booth space can be.  There is one local one that wants over $100 just for a table and two chairs.  And that's for the smaller table space!  I can't afford that, especially when I am not guaranteed to make that much back in sales.

But, in the meantime, I have gotten my Etsy shop set up and have posted a few items.  Please go check it out- Amber By Design.

I also have a dedicated Facebook page for my work.  There are some items on there that are not listed on my Etsy page.  Please check it out here.

I have been working a lot lately on my crocheting - learning new stitches, getting better at simple ones and following patterns more closely.  It's all working out nicely.  I will get some of my projects up here soon.

Unfortunately, I have not had nearly enough time or energy to focus on my costuming or just sewing in general.  I will get back into it soon enough.  Lots of new patterns (and some older ones) are calling my name.

Please check back later on.  My plan is to update weekly, as long as I can remember to.

Thanks all!


jbeltman said...

Hi Amber,
I saw your post on Jeff’s blog and thought I would check it out. You might be interested to read a post Alexis did recently on having booths at conventions. Some of it might be relevant to you if you decide to go to a fair.
All the best,

Amber said...

Thank for the information!

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