Weird Dream Theatre

So you have ever had a dream where you wake up and say, "What the hell?!"

Well, I had one of those last night.

So, it starts with Andrew and I in the living room talking with some friends.  It looked like either we were having a game or we were having dinner with our friends.  I heard something and went to the kitchen.  The front door was open.  Not the kind of open enough for something to get in or out, but just ajar slightly.  I don't remember seeing Ronin anywhere though, but that doesn't mean much.  I did, however, see two ducks.    Normal sized, orange-ish white and staring at me.  This didn't really seem odd to me, so I just picked them up and took them back out side.

After the ducks, everything just went haywire.  Next I am scooping up crows and starlings and sending them back outside.  Meanwhile. Andrew and our friends are sitting in the living room talking.  They act like nothing is going on.  After I get rid of the crows and starlings, I head back to the living room and see a small bird house sitting on the dining room table.  Flitting around the bird house are about a dozen teeny tiny birds.  In my mind, I knew that they were Carolina Wrens.  Wrens are not this small.  They were about the size of marbles for the adults and the babies were about the size of an paper dot from a hole punch.  And lo and behold, sitting in front of the bird house, watching the wrens flit around, were a bunch of birds.  It was almost like a little bird outdoor theatre.  About a dozen birds of all different colors were just sitting there, watching the wrens flit around the bird house, which was now covered in cobwebs, though the birds didn't seem to notice these webs.  I didn't see any spiders or anything.  Even if I did, these birds were about fly sized, so they would have been the perfect size.

This is about the time that I am starting to get frustrated because no one else seems to notice the flock of birds crowding around the dining room table.  Once again, I scoop up the birds and toss them out the front door.   None of the birds seemed to care.

Now what in the world could this dream possibly mean?  What I think is that it is probably meaningless as far as anything important.  I did get up horribly early yesterday to go to work.  I think I was just tired.



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