Monster High Create-A-Monster Design Lab

I had seen this online at quite some time ago, but didn't really pay much attention to it.  I figured it was one of those things that just help you put together the Create-A-Monster starter sets.  Since I could figure those out fairly easily, I didn't really think much of this particular kit.

Until today.

Oh my goodness, is this kit FUN!

I saw one at K-Mart yesterday, but it was scanning up at $50 and that was far too much for me.  I really liked it and knew that Lily would absolutely love it.  But, with that price tag, I just tucked the thought away and hoped that I could find one on sale somewhere.  Lo and behold, I went down to Target to get some hair dye and there it is.  On sale!  On Clearance!  For $27.  I was thrilled.  I snagged one and headed off to go get hair dye and cotton balls.

I had planned to hold onto this for her birthday.  I couldn't.  I was far too excited.  Yes, I was far too excited.  I knew she would be, too.

We decided to make her Monster High persona - Vanna Valentine.

The kit is really nice.  It has 100+ tattoos - plenty to switch out whenever you want.  The doll comes apart easily and goes back together without a hitch.  The instructions took a couple of times to read, but once I got through them the second time, I had it figured out.  (I read reviews of people who couldn't make this particular toy work and I still don't understand how they couldn't get it right.)  The face came out a little crooked, but for a first time try, she looks great.  You can see that her mouth is a little crooked under the nose.

The arms and legs came out really nice and she has a lovely tattoo on her torso.  There are also several tiny tattoos that you can put on the dolls in any location.  Vanna got some on her feet and one on her hand.  


We did check to see if you could put them on her other Monster High dolls, but the regular release dolls are different.  Their skin is slippery, while the Create-A-Monster ones have a slightly stickier skin.  There are, however, "refill kits" for the Design Lab.  And you can use the Create-A-Monster Kits with this as well.  

I want my own now.  =o)

UPDATE:  After several different tries to clean the old tattoos off of her doll, I finally found that Goo Gone and then a bathe in soapy water works well.  It smells a bit, but the Goo Gone works very well.  Just wanted to let ya know.  


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