Lily's Birthday - Project #5 Closet Refinish

It's time to start painting!  We went to Lowe's last week and picked up the last of the things that we needed for her bedroom.  She chose the color Panama Rose for her walls and the accents in her closet and a solid black for the ceiling and the walls in her closet.

Old Closet
And on that note, my first project in the bedroom as a whole is her closet.  We are painting it black with silver glitter mixed in.  I found lots of information on how to mix in the glitter and such, so we are hoping that it works out well.  If not, I do know that I can paint over it again when it dries with a watered down glue mixture and more glitter.
After the black paint.
First I had to empty out the closet - that was a project in itself - and fill the holes in the wall with filler.  I have several ideas for things to do to her closet.  It's deep set, and long, but there isn't really a lot of space because the water heater and furnace are in there as well.  My first plan is to tape off the baseboard in the closet.  I want to paint that pink to match her walls in her room.  The shelf and clothes bar will also be pink, just like her bedroom.  Those will not be glittery, though.  I want to get some black fabric and make a nice little separator to keep the water heater out of sight - and to keep the cat from getting behind it and make a mess.  He's a nosy little stinker.

At this time, we can't paint the ceiling in her closet.  Her grandpa is going to come over and fix the hole in the ceiling later on.  We had to have a hole cut to collect the water that was leaking out of the ceiling from the unit upstairs man years ago.  (He went on vacation and left the AC on 50 degrees, so the condenser froze and leaked into her closet.  Then after that, the water heater busted and leaked.  WHAT A MESS!)

Closet bar and shelf done!
This Olympic One Paint with Primer is great!  It goes on smooth and is really thick.  I mixed in some glitter and it's working out really well, though it isn't as glittery as I would have liked.   I did have to do two coats, just to make sure that all of the wall was completely covered.  The old color was a creamy one and two coats of black was necessary.  Not a problem since I have a whole gallon and only the ceiling in her room left to do.  I may have to do the watered down glue and glitter top coat.  It all depends on what Lily thinks when she sees it.  She may not care.

My Supervisor, Ronin.
I have had a good bit of help from our furry little supervisor today.  He has spent most of the time in the doorway curled up in a ball, napping.  I think all of the painting has worn him out.  He's sound asleep in front of the TV now.

I only have one thing left to do in her closet and that is the separator for her closet.  I didn't find any black fabric, but I did find some hot pink panne velvet that I think will work nicely.  She did like the idea of the panne instead of the plain black fabric.  I would like to find a way to turn the separator into a shoe holder since her old shoe holder won't work in her room anymore.  It was some cheap thing that I got off the dollar rack at Target and was blue and red.  Definitely won't match the new room.
New Closet with separator.
I had a really good time painting her closet today.  It has been a very long time since I have undertaken a project like this.  All in all, with the painting and such, it only really took me about 3 hours to do.  I had to take breaks along the way since the paint fumes were giving me a headache.  And had lunch and did laundry.  I am looking forward to painting her room soon.  I would like to be able to get to it this weekend since I am off work.  We will have to see since Gen-Con is on Sunday and Andrew and I will be heading to that for some serious nerdery.   And yes, that is a word.  =o)

She likes her closet. =o)


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