Going to GENCON!

It has been at least two years since we last went to Gen-Con.  The last time we traveled up to Indy for the craziness, Lily was still in her stroller.  This year, however, Andrew and I are going alone.  Lily has decided to stay at Grandma and Grandpa's and play with the new kittens.  Oh my, those kittens are adorable!

I have a small list of things that I would like to find this year.  We have to be very budget conscious, so no spending $110 at the Chessex booth this time around.

Reaper Miniatures - I do want to hit up the Reaper booth and get a new mini.  I haven't painted anything in a while, but I still love getting minis.  Lily wants to paint one as well, though she wouldn't be able to do a lot of the small detail work.  She gets too impatient too easily.  I did see that they had some really cute mouse warriors on their website that she might like.  There's a cool Steampunk Witch mini from their Chronoscope line, as well as a Time Chaser guy and a Mad Scientist girl.  And of course their fantastic Sophie figures.  I have a cool t-shirt with Sophie on it and a tote bag from Reaper with the signatures of all of the artists.   I am nerd.  I am comfortable with that.

Doctor Who - I need to find the 10th Doctor's Sonic Screwdriver.  I have wanted one for a long time and would love to find one up there.  The last time that we went, they had one, but I talked myself out of it.  And I have kicked myself ever since.  This year, however, I hope to find one.  I don't want the 11th Doctor's, I want the 10th Doctor's.  I am a bit of a David Tennant snob.  Just a bit.

Stargate - I would like to get a Stargate hoodie.  Either Atlantis or SG-1.  Either one is fine.  I have a great Doctor Who one that I got the last time, but it doesn't zip.  I would like one that zips.

RPG Stuff - A GM screen for the Doctor Who Role-Playing game would be awesome, as well as any of the supplements.  10th Doctor only though.  I am kinda particular to David Tennant.  =o)  If Troll Lords has anything good, that would be nice.  Otherwise, we have tons of game stuff so we really don't need anything.  Granted I don't need any of the DW stuff either, but if I find it....

Lily Stuff - She would like a stuffed Lady Rainacorn or a stuffed Ice King from Adventure Time.  Maybe a Regular Show T-shirt, though I don't know about that one.  She probably wouldn't wear it a lot since she doesn't wear her Adventure Time T-shirt now because someone at school said something about it being a 'killing show'.   She also wants a Cthulu necklace.  For some strange reason she loves Cthulu.  She knows nothing about the stories or anything.  I think that the only reason that she likes Cthulu is because she has a stuffed one from Toy Vault that we gave to her when she was a baby.  For a while, she didn't like it, but lately she's been rather attached to it.  We were hoping to locate some Monster High things there, but from what I have been told, there really isn't anything.  Maybe we will get lucky.

Andrew is looking for a game called Diaspora.  So for that has really been the only game item that he's shown interest in.  Our bookshelves are completely packed with stuff.  We don't really need anything else.  But the game does sound cool and it is a FATE system game.  We like FATE.  I would also like to find a copy of Pirate FLUX.  We love FLUX.  Lily even likes to play with us sometimes.  I think she likes Martian FLUX the best.  I like Zombie FLUX myself.

I even painted my nails for the fun of it!


Christopher Sheets said...

Best of luck on your questing. Thanks for sharing your desire for things for Lily. My wife and I don't have any little ones to share our love of gaming with, so it's great to hear how parents incorporate their kids into the hobby. Safe journey!

Dina Ramse said...

Best of luck on your quests, May it wield lots of XP, and Loot.
Safe journey, traveler.

Adam Joe said...

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