Back From GENCON!

Our Gen-Con adventure started with the long drive from Btown to Indy.  It wasn't really too bad since that early on a Sunday morning there weren't really many people up and around.  We got to Indy about 9:30AM and found a spot at our normal parking garage.  It was a little sketchy at first since all of the gates were closed, but we soon found that one of the gates for the exit was open.  As long as we were out by 8:30PM we were good.

Figuring out the way to the convention center was easy.  All you had to do was follow all of the people with the badges.  It was kind of funny actually, because as we were walking we were talking about which way to go to get to the Convention Center and then we started to see all of the people grouping up at the street corner.  All of them had backpacks or rolling suitcase things and badges.  All we did was jump in with them and head on the Con.

I didn't really expect there to be such a huge line, but the registration line was really long and wound all the way around the main lobby and into one of the halls.  Thankfully, the line moved really fast.  A lady walked past us wearing a nifty Empire Strikes Back tee.  Andrew commented on her tee and she gave the thumbs up.  A few minutes later she walked back past and said, "Do you guys need two passes?  The other people in my group didn't show up, so you can have these passes if you want."


The exhibition hall was jammed with vendors.  It was so cool to be there again.  The last time we went was in 2008.  So keeping that in mind I was looking for some specific vendors.  First off the T-Shirt place.  I could see it.  It was huge.  I wanted a Stargate hoodie.  Either SG-1 or Atlantis.  One that zips.  But, unfortunately, they didn't have any.  Not one.  In fact, the only Stargate stuff that they had was one tee.  It was nice, but I already have a tee and I didn't really want another.  So instead I asked for Adventure Time or Regular Show for Lily.  No luck there either.  All of the kids stuff went on the first day, they said.  Oh well.

With no hoodie in hand, we continued on our adventure.  Rounding the corner of the T-shirt booth, we ran into Finn the Human.  That required a fist pump.

Andrew found a copy of GURPS Black Ops for $10.  For a new copy, that was a good deal, so we snagged it.  Since it was on his list.  Lucky him.

Keeping an eye out for the Evil Hat Games booth or the IRP booth, we wandered around taking a look at everything.  We had to stop at the OSR booth so he could ogle the copies of Fight On! Magazine.  When they started up the mag, his artwork was on the front cover.  So, he peeked through the compilation book of the magazine issues looking for his artwork.  The guys greeted us and he introduced himself as Doc Rotwang.  And, lo and behold, the guy at the booth says, "Hey, someone was here looking for you.  I think he left a message on the whiteboard."

This was our first contact with someone that he knew from the RPG boards.  While we stood there talking with him, a couple walked up that Andrew knew from his Google+ circles.  This continued to happen throughout the entire time.  Everyone recognized his pink tie.  

Steampunk was the name of the game around the Exhibitor Hall.  Almost everyone that wasn't selling Anime or game books, was selling some sort of Steampunk stuff.  And there was so much that I wanted, but just one hat was $95 at one booth.  Had I had an extra $100 for a hat, I would have.  They were so cool.  There was a lot of Steampunk jewelry and watches and the like.  Those started at like $50 each.  Still too high for me.  I did see some cool costumes that gave me some ideas for my own stuff though.  I wanted to take pictures of a few of the women that were all dressed up, but I couldn't get into a position that I could.  Most of them were vendors and were far too busy selling stuff.  
The Dungeons and Dragons booth looked like a dungeon.  It was really neat.  I wanted to head in to get some pictures, but you had to stand in a line to get in and you were allowed to take pictures of only a few things.  So I stood outside and snapped some photos of Drizzt and his cat and Lloth.  There were a couple of really cool looking Drow chicks that I wanted to snap a shot of, but I heard them tell another guy that they weren't allowed to have photos outside of the booth and that they had to pay for those shots.  I thought that was a little silly, but whatever.  Wizards of the Coast does whatever they want and if they want to charge for the Drow chicks, then I guess they will.

We stopped by the Troll Lords booth and met Steven Chenault.  That was neat to talk to him.  We gave him lots of kudos for his work on the game since it is our go to fantasy game.  I love it cause it's quick and easy.  While we were there, we met a guy named Jason Vey.  I think that Andrew knows him from the boards.  We may also have one of his books.  I can't remember.  We did buy his new book, Amazing Adventures.  It's a Pulp Era book for the Siege Engine system for Castles and Crusades.  I do loves me some Pulp Era gaming.  So we picked that up.  Have to support our friends and our favorite games.  

There were some cool looking Steampunk-y statues of what looked like battling submarines.  I had to snap a shot of those just cause they were really nifty.  I don't even remember what booth they were at.  

After a while, we found the IRP booth and discovered that they were all sold out of Diaspora.  Andrew was bummed, but it wasn't the end of the world.  Evil hat wasn't there, so we couldn't hit them up for it.  They had a bunch of other games, but nothing that we really wanted.  So on we went.  

Cubicle 7 was there, the makers of the Doctor Who RPG.  I wanted to get the GM screen from them, but I learned that the David Tennant one was out of print and they were all sold out of the new one.  They had a box of the supplements for the Aliens, but the guy there was so busy talking to someone that I couldn't get to ask him how much it was.  There was also a nifty looking Doctor Who Card Game that they were demoing, but there were so many people crowded around watching that I couldn't figure out what was going on.  I was frustrated.  So we left.  

Just behind the Cubicle 7 booth was the Doctor Who North America booth.  

Here was my chance to get the sonic screwdriver that I wanted.  But - no go.  I found the fourth doctor's and the eleventh doctor's, but no tenth's.  They had a lot of neat stuff.  Reprints of all of the older books, DVDs, copies of the SG-1 and Atlantis novels.  Tons of toys.  Nothing that I was really interested in.  I did see an Amy Pond DS cover.  It was kind of pricey though.  $23 for the cover and a stylus that looked like a screwdriver.  That was neat, but I didn't really want to spring for booth.  Had the stylus been alone and been cheaper, then maybe.  There was a guy dressed as Peter Davison's doctor and a girl dressed as Matt Smith's doctor.  I snapped a shot of the Peter Davison guy but he turned away as I took the photo.  I was very impressed with his costume.  It looks just like the one that Peter Davison wore.  

The Dalek was awesome.  It spoke and said, "EXTERMINATE!"  and a few other phrases, but I didn't hear the other ones.  I think that Lily would love to have seen this Dalek.  She really loves Doctor Who and would have just gone crazy at the Doctor Who booth.  It was so busy though, so that would have killed her fun really quick.  The TARDIS was great, too!  The best part about the TARDIS was that the other side was open and was a display case for their merchandise.  That would be amazing in the house with toys on it.  

I discovered that the Reaper guys weren't there.  I was very disappointed that they weren't there.  I had my heart set on a new mini.  I really wanted one of the Chronoscope figures to paint.  I don't know when I would have gotten around to painting it, but I still wanted one.  Lily was ok with not getting a mini, though.  But, I can always hit up our local game store and have them order what I want.  That's a good thing.  Gotta keep our Friendly Local Game Store in business.  

We stopped by met Johnathon Tweet and Robin Laws.  They have some new games with a system called Gumshoe.  It gives the player more opportunity for investigation without much of a chance of failure.  At least I think that's what they said.  I got rather confused for a moment listening to them talk.  It was loud around there.  They have some new games out, Trail of Cthulu and Ashen Stars, as well as a few others.  They all sounded cool.  We didn't pick up anything.  Once again, our FLGS can order it for us and they though that was a good idea.  Anyhow, we had to head back to the Triple Ace Games booth and get the stuff that we had there.  They have a new game called Leagues of Adventure.  It's a Steampunk Pulp Adventure game.  It looked really cool.  They also have a game called All for One which is a Musketeers game where said Musketeers fight demons and the church.  But there are no female characters in the main game.  So, we got the supplement that allows for female characters.  I look forward to playing these games.  

About this time, I was getting tired and somewhat frustrated that not only could I not find anything that I wanted, I couldn't find anything for Lily.  There was a surprising lack of Adventure Time stuff.  There were a lot of Finns walking around, but no merchandise.  If there had been anything it probably all sold in the first day, like the tees.  We did head back to the Steve Jackson Games booth so I could at least get Pirate FLUXX.  She loves FLUXX.  They had little smiling flowers from Looney Labs at the booth, too.  I got one of those for Lily.  It's just the kind of thing that she would love.  They had some really fun TARDIS stuff at the Steve Jackson booth, too.  There was a stuffed TARDIS and a stuffed Dalek.  Both of them made noise, though.  And she's not really much up on things that make noise.  They also had a nifty tin TARDIS lunchbox, which was a good price at $13.  I just didn't really feel the need to get it.  

So far all I had for Lily was a flower from Looney Labs.  I had to find something else.  Well, I didn't really need to find something else, but I wanted to find something else.  So we went on the hunt for a booth that I had seen earlier that had a ton of pink sparkly things, Paradise Rose Shop.  I got her a really fun felt back pin/hair clip.  And I got a pretty cupcake ring for her teacher from first grade.  I didn't see any cupcake earrings for Lily or anything.  There was a nice cupcake necklace, but it was about the same size as the ring and I thought for her that would be a little too large.  

It was about that time, that we decided that we were done.  It was 2 pm and we were hungry.  We headed out and went to Circle Centre mall across the road and had lunch at Johnny Rockets.  It was good.  We stopped in the Claire's there in the mall.  I found some Monster High stuff for her there since I didn't find anything at the con.  We stopped at Toys R Us and Joann's on the way home.  Found her a few things at Toys R Us - socks, a wristlet and a Neptuna light up room doo-dad.  

When we got back home to get Lily from Grandma and Grandpa's, she got her stuff and she was happy.  The bat went on the front of her dresser and is hanging from a fancy spider web piece of material.  Her teacher loved the cupcake ring and she took the wristlet to school today.  

All in all - it was a good time.  I am going to hope that we can save up for next year.  I would definitely like to head back up there.  I look forward to it.  And maybe, just maybe, Lily will go with us.  


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