The Dollar Store

Sometimes going into the local Dollar Store makes me cringe.  The people that frequent these particular locations can give me the creepy-crawlies.  But, Lily likes to go because once in a while she finds some nice things.  Nice in the eyes of an 8 year old, mind you.

This time, however, I found something that I wanted.  We were heading down the aisle where the toys are located, I happened to glance over at the books.  Usually they are all novels that no one has ever heard of, or something written by some evangelical weirdo who is now in jail.  But not this time!  This time I found something that I really wanted.

I got really excited!  It isn't everyday that you find a great book like this at the Dollar Store!  I read it from the library and wanted a copy, but I couldn't afford one since it is listed at $12.95 list price.  

HEHEHEH....Now I have my own and it only cost me a dollar.

And the best thing about it?   Lily says, "Now I can it and I won't have to get it from the library!"

Made my day.

Shrinky Dinks!!

I forgot how much fun Shrinky Dinks could be!  Lily got the idea somewhere along the way that she wanted to do some Shrinky Dinks.  Our local Jo-Ann's had some fun kits.  They come with 5 small blank sheets, a hole punch, some colored pencils and some templates.  I was really hoping to find some large 8x11 sheets, but I could only find the little kit.  We picked it up since with the coupon it was only $3.  Our first thought was Monster High (duh!), so I grabbed a skullette that I had printed out and proceeded to trace two out on some of the plastic.

The instructions said to only use the pencils that came with the kit, but after some research I found that any kind of pencil works fine.  In fact, I traced the skullette outlines with a 008 Micron pen.  It came out really nice.  I colored in with a black colored pencil and with a rosy pink colored pencil.  I was really impressed with how they came out looking so nice.  And that was before we baked them.

Following the directions, we set the oven for 350 degrees and put them in on an aluminum foil covered baking sheet that I have just for crafting needs.  I originally bought it for polymer clay, which I haven't done yet.  She sat and watched them for a little over a minute as they curled up and danced around, then flattened out.  

She chose her hooks and I set about putting them together.  I was VERY pleased with the way they came out.  And she was absolutely thrilled with them.  

Love you, Pumpkin Pie!  =o)

Lily's Birthday - Project #4 Jewelry Box

The jewelry box project was a last minute idea.  Lily and I were at Hobby Lobby (I really need to stay out of there.  It's dangerous when I am in a crafting mood.) to grab another bottle of metallic black paint and some larger grain silver glitter (to mix with the ceiling paint when it's time to paint her room).  On the way out, I wanted to check out the unfinished wood.  I have been looking for a small plaque like piece to attach some drawer pulls to make a coat rack for her room. It's really hard to find the kind that I am looking for.  As we headed out we noticed the jewelry box.  It was only $14, but I had a 40% off coupon.  It seemed like a no brainer.  She was very excited.

I used the same paint that I used on her nightstand and the same glitter.  All I really had to do was remove the handles and get started. 

Using foam brushes, I gave the jewelry box about four coats of paint then sprinkled glitter on the top of the box itself and the front of the drawers.  Lily also decided that the inside of the drawers needed some glitter, so we added that.

After it was all dried, I sprayed it with a couple of coats of clear enamel. It came out really good.  I am very pleased with it.  I have kept it back, though, until it is time for her full room refresh.  This is mostly for her rings, necklaces and bracelets.  I want to do an earring holder for her, too.  That one is constructed from a picture frame, painted and with screen wire stapled to the back.  I passed up on a frame once already and I feel like a dingus cause it was only $4.  I'll keep checking.

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