Lily's Birthday - Project #3 Nightstand

Her nightstand is one of those cheap little wooden ones that you find at local grocery or department stores at back to school time.  They come in a box and have an allen wrench and at least one extra screw somewhere in the box.  You know the ones.  It was originally finished in a little maple look and some stickers that she insisted belonged on it.  That was a pain, getting those stickers off.  The drawer has a small wooden knob on the front.  I did buy a replacement knob that is black and pink zebra stripes.  Unfortunately for me, in a fit of cleaning, I have misplaced it.  But we did come up with an alternate plan.  The one that is with the drawer will be painted black along with the rest of the nightstand and then glittered with silver glitter and clear coated.  

The paint that I found for this project is from Hobby Lobby and is Anita's Metallic craft paint.  It was fairly inexpensive and there should be plenty for this project.  After it's all painted and dried I am going to clear coat it with enamel spray paint.  That should keep it nice and scratch resistant.  At least I hope.  That's the theory.  We'll see.

The top was four coats of the metallic paint but it didn't look shiny enough so I consulted with the Monster High expert and was informed that glittered was definitely the way to go.  So, after I applied the fourth coat, I sprinkled it with silver craft glitter and let it dry.   

But glittering the top wasn't enough.  I had to continue the glitter on down the front.  So, after the top was done, I headed on to the small drawer and knob on the front.  It was liberally sprinkled with glitter after the fourth coat of paint.  After all of the paint was dried, I sprayed it with clear coat enamel and let it sit overnight.

All in all the nightstand came out great and Lily loves it.  In fact, she was most upset that evening that it couldn't be right next to her bed that night.  

AFTERNOTE:  I did finally find the knob that I bought for it in the first place.  But by the time I found it the nightstand was dry and installed next to her bed.  We do have another idea for the knob.  We are going to get two more and make a coat rack to hang by her door.  But that's another project.  =o)


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