Vacation Day 2

I love having vacation. Even it is colder than a snails rear end outside. Besides the fact that I needed a break from work - it's driving me bonkers - I like having the time to sit and watch Stargate SG-1, bounce around game and story ideas in my head and work on crafts.

I am working my way through Season 6 of SG-1 at the moment. I prefer the seasons with Daniel Jackson in them, but Jonas Quinn is good, too. The best part is that I know the episodes
so well that I can keep them on in the background while I am working on things and really not miss a whole lot.

Today, I am working on piecing together my Windowpane Quilt. It's a quilt that I found in a Japanese Quilt book that I got from the library. It has lots of 6 inch squares of varying design and color - all of Japanese or Asian prints. I have laid out 125 squares on the bed in a random design, trying to keep like ones away from each other. But, while laying them out I realized that I still need some more fabric. I had enough squares for everything, but I need the triangles on the ends and corners. Which means another trip to either Jo-Ann's or to Shiisa Quilts. =o) I do have a coupon after all.

I still need to sit down and top-stitch Lily's quilt. It's all sewn together, but I am doing additional stitching along the squares and then zig-zag stitching between the squares to add additional stability. I only have a few left to do, but the hand-stitching takes time and attention, so I haven't done it yet. I also need to dig out my big bolt of batting for both quilts.

Lily requested a Monster High pillow a while back, so I finally got one made for her. I took a picture that I had and drew it out larger, then cut it out of fleece. I did all hand-stitching on it, since my machine isn't really friendly with polar fleece. I have a feeling I need a different needle. I think that it came out pretty good for something that I just sat down and drew out. She was thrilled with it. That's all that really matters to me.

I haven't run a game in so long that I am starting to think about doing it again. Mostly cause I have all of these ideas bouncing around my head and I want to do something with them. I keep thinking that they would makes good plots for stories, which I would love to be able to sit down and write. But - I rarely have them time to do so. Then, after I nix that idea, I think that maybe I can use them for a game. Then, maybe use the game sessions as a board for assembling it into a story. My most recent one is about a princess who runs away from home. Now, I don't mean the Disney princess type, I mean the good-head-on-her-shoulders type princess that can wield a sword as well as a crown type princess. Anyway, she runs away from home because her father, the King, has passed away and her mother, now Queen, has taken the throne and married the King's brother. The Princess, realizing that things have all gone down the drain, has decided to get out of dodge before it all gets worse. Along the way she runs into the handsome bandit leader, some nasty critters and eventually a return to the place that she called home for a big fight with her Uncle, who has been poisoning her mother to try and take over the throne. I think that it sounds like a good story idea, but I am not so sure about a game. I don't like to make games this linear, but then again, there isn't really a lot fleshed out just yet.

I don't know. Still thinking.

Back to my quilt.
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