My daugher is obsessed with Monster High!

She absolutely loves EVERYTHING Monster High.  She has a bunch of the dolls and the rag dolls.  And even some furniture for her dolls.  It's gotten to the point where I am thinking of Monster High things to make for her.  I wanted to make some clothes for the dolls.  Unfortunately, even though they are 12" tall, they aren't shaped the same as Barbies, so the patterns for clothes that I have won't work.  About all I can make would be skirts.  After a while that gets rather boring. 

Even though, I can't really make anything for her dolls, I did finish her nightie the other night.  It's made from black and purple zebra print flannel, which is the pattern and colors associated with Clawdeen Wolfe.   The nightie is made from a Simplicity pattern though she opted to leave the buttons off of the front ruffle area.   I still have slippers and a sleep mask to make for her, but I have to get out the batting from its hiding place. 

I also made her Halloween costume this past year, like I do pretty much every year.  She wanted to be Draculara, so we found this really nice fabric that was black and had sparkly silver skulls and crossbones all over it.  Our original idea was for a long, sheath dress, since that would be the easiest to make.  It really didn't look too much like Draculara once we got done with it, but she was still happy.  Its really hard to see the skulls and crossbones in the picture, but they are the little blurs.  Since it was cool, she wanted something to wear, so we made a cape out of hot pink crushed panne velvet.  The dress looked a little plain by itself, so I made a belt out of hot pink felt and trimmed it with silver ribbon.   After all was said and done, she ended up being our own made up Monster High girl named Petra Cemetaria, the daughter of the Grave Digger.  I have some of the fabric left over, so I am planning to make her a rag doll based off of her character. 

While in the car the other day, we made up another Monster High girl by the name of Skeletina Bones, daughter of the School Skeleton.  I have no idea where that is going.

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