Decided I Needed an Apron

I bought this really cute kitty fabric sometime last year to make a yarn purse/carrier/thingy. Then I decided that I didn't really want one, so instead I held onto it for something else. After looking through my patterns, I settled on three different ones - a purse, a lunchbox or an apron. There wasn't enough fabric for the purse, so I had to put that one aside. I had enough for the lunchbox, but I wasn't sure if kitty fabric was quite what I wanted. So, I settled on the apron. The fabric is a really nice cotton quilt material. The waistband and second scalloped edged layer are multicolored paw prints on white. The first and last scalloped edged layer are multi sized dots, some with paw prints in them and then the main scalloped layer is flowered kitties all over it. The buttons are flowers of two different sizes and five colors - lime, orange, hot pink, red, and lavender. The ties (not pictured) are made out of the same paw print fabric as the waistband.

It was fun to make. I'd like to make some more for a craft fair, but maybe a different style. We'll see what happens.

My next project is a cupcake hat made of fleece for Lily's teacher.


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