Oh what a year so far...

Well, I realized the other day that I hadn't posted anything in far too long. Then again, this year has just been too hectic.

Camp for Lily.

Working far too much.

Car problems out the nose.

Fleas on the cat and in the carpet.

We haven't even had time to game! And that really SUCKS! Really, really SUCKS! I have so many ideas for games but I just can't seem to find the time or the energy to get anything together. And it's heading for the holidays, which kills most chances of gaming. And the fleas don't help. Still working on killing those off.

So anyway, Lily had a great time at camp this summer. She went to the Boys and Girls Club in a nearby town and had an absolute blast. She loved every moment of it and can't wait to go back again next year. Everyone there was great and very friendly. I am glad that we found a good place for her to go during the summer.

Car problems...well, there were all kinds of those. My husband's car went wacky and wouldn't start. My father-in-law had it for a month trying to fix all of the things that went wrong with it - fuses, alternator, battery, and so on. He finally got it fixed (in the meantime, Doc had my car and I drove my dad's pink pickup truck. Yes, pink. Bright, raspberry pink. Lily loved that!) and we got it back and things were all good. Till yesterday. The brakes weren't very good in the first place. I planned on having those fixed when we got the tax check, but that's not happening. So my father-in-law is on his way to go get brake pads. But, then the overdrive light came on - which means that something is wiggy with the transaxle. That's when Doc tells me that the transmission wasn't shifting. I think that I am probably going to be driving the pink pickup again. That's ok with Lily.

My car had a have an emergency tire-ectomy a couple of weeks ago. Got out of work and noticed that my tire was almost flat. I went across the road to put air in it and could hear the air leaking right back out. The closest car place was Firestone and they told me that I could have my car back on Monday. That was a Friday afternoon. It was going to take them that long to put on a tire? Pep Boys on the other hand had a new tire on the car in 20 minutes and gave me a good deal.

Halloween is right around the corner and I have been working fast and furious on costumes. Doc is going to go as his own crime scene this year. Easy costume - black sweats, white ribbon, yellow felt, red felt and some black fleece. Lily was going to be Draculara from Monster High, but the costumes are too expensive to buy, so we decided to make one. We found some nice fabric at JoAnn's that is black and has silver sparkly skulls and crossbones all over it. The dress I made is really nice, but not very Draculara so we made a new character named Petra Cemetaria, daughter of the Grave Digger. She's excited.

My costume is a Victorian Time Traveler. It's made from a Simplicity pattern with two different fabrics - keys and pocket watches. There are lots of little doodads hanging from the front. I even made a hat, though it didn't come out quite the way that I wanted it, but it still looks nice. I did find a pair of Steampunk inspired goggles at the local Halloween store to attach to the hat. It looks much better with the goggles on it. I will post pictures of all of the costumes later.

I am now working on my second Halloween costume. I get to dress up twice at work - once for the mall wide trick or treat and once for Halloween. My second costume is a pirate. Working on the coat right now.

Ok, off to work on stuff and laundry.

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