A Moment of Silence for my Iron

After about seven years, my iron has died. It is a crafter's nightmare. And I was almost done with Lily's next new dress. *sigh* Now, mind you, this was not one of those grand $50 irons that you buy at the craft store, but just a Hamilton Beach iron that I probably paid $10 for. But still - it's the fact that it died!!! *cries*

I did however get her other dress done before the iron crapped out on me. The pattern was a Simplicity Daisy Kingdom pattern that used three different fabrics to construct the pants and top. It also has a matching purse but the way she's holding it, you can't really see it. The fabrics were all dark blue - one with yellow stars and moons, one with multi-colored stars and the other has little fairies all over it with phrases about sweet dreams and wishes. It's a little big. I did have to tack in the waistband a bit. It always ends up that way. The 5's are always too small, while the 6's are too big. Oh well, not like she won't grow.

I am still somewhat annoyed about the iron, so I am going to go do something else so I don't think about it.

Good night, all.
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