Thoughts for Monday

Somedays, I feel like that.

I am so glad that the holidays are over. Well, the large portion of the holidays. I can deal with New Year's Eve and New Year's Day. Not open as long at work and one of them off. Not bad. Now it's just return central and everyone is cranky cause I don't have anything in stock now. Should have thought of that before you bought them. That's my opinion.

Looking forward to Tuesday. My day off with my little girl. We're gonna go spend gift cards. Nothing like spending gift cards. That's one of my favorite things to get for Christmas. Nothing like going shopping without spending your money. =o)

She's gonna hit up Barnes and Noble, Build A Bear, Target and Justice. She's all excited. I'm going to Barnes and Noble and JoAnn's. We're going to go pick up Daddy at work and go get Mexican for lunch. Looking forward to that, too.

On another note -
I started reading a new book today called "Stones, Bones and Ancient Cities" by Doctor Lawrence Robbins. It's about great discoveries in archaeological history and the origins of humans. I'm not very far into it, but it's really good so far. I like the way he writes. It's easy to read and very informative without being too much. But I realized something as I was reading - something that I learned in school was not right. We were taught in my Anthropology class in high school that Richard Leakey discovered Lucy in the Olduvai Gorge in the 70s. But in reality it was discovered in Ethiopia by Donald Johanson in 1974. Not exactly the same thing. I also learned that Lucy has been estimated to be 2.9 million years old. Much older than my class learned. I find it very interesting how school books aren't really right.

On a cooler note, I read the following passage "Leakey's first expedition to Olduvai included Hans Reck, A. Trindell Hopwood, who was a leading authority on fossils from Britain, and Captain J. Hewlett, a noted hunter In addition, there was staff of 18 Africans. ... Leakey's description of the 1931 Olduvai expedition is punctuated with excitement. He reports that their camp was surrounded at night with the glowing eyes of hyenas and lions. On another occasion during the trip he relates that when Reck and Hewlett were on duty with a water party they had a pitched battle with some lions, while on another occasion I was charged point blank by an angry rhinoceros and had to kill in self defense". The imagery involved in that passage led me to think about how great of a plot for an adventure story/RPG this would make. I noted archaeologist, a photographer, a hunter, and some other scientist, along with a gaggle of natives go searching for some long lost city/creature/being/or something such. I know that this is pretty normal for a plot, but I am sure that something could be tossed in to make it crazy. Which reminds me of a GURPS Adventure game that I played in once. We went searching for Mokele Mbembe. That was fun. Ahhh...the days when I had time to do things like game.

Maybe some day soon.

I hope.


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