Merry XMAS!

Another Christmas come and gone. I do hope that everyone had a good one and that all is well out there in cyber-town. Part of me is glad that it is over and done with, but another part of me is so sad that it all seems to boil down to who has the most stuff. Being in retail, I see it on a regular basis. Families come in and yell at each other about who gets what and then somebody cries and storms out. I asked Lily what the meaning of Christmas was to her, and she said (I'm paraphrasing here), "Christmas is about giving to others. Getting presents is nice, too, but giving to others is nicer." I think she understands more than most adults do.

Speaking of gifts - Lily really enjoyed all of the stuff that I made for her. In fact she's running around in her alien/robot skirt right now. She also got a new pair of slippers, a new coat, a Batman Beyond action figure (I think that is her favorite Batman of all of them), some Liv doll stuff and a hot pink keyboard that records what she plays. She's been singing and dancing most of the day. She also got some gift cards which are burning a hole in her pocket. Then again, I know how she feels. I can't wait to go to Joann Fabrics and get some stuff that I really don't need. Heehee.

Actually, I started working with Polymer clay and I am having difficulty with getting it to soften up, so I am thinking about getting a clay machine - looks like a pasta machine. I actually have a pasta machine already, but I don't want to use it for clay just in case I want to make pasta at some point. I don't know. Then again, I may want to get some fabric or some decor for my Steampunk costume. I'll figure it out when I get there. =o)

I also got a gift card to Barnes and Noble, but I am not really sure what I want. I am considering a Doctor Who book, but I am not sure. The last time I looked they only had the ones that I checked out from the library already. Nothing wrong with adding them to my collection, though. I also want one of the fancy notebooks that they have up on the bargain books. I like those best for writing my story ideas and such in. Not like I do anything with them, but I do love to write. One of these days maybe I will do something with one of them. We'll see.

Good night to all.


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