A Fresh Start and Not Even the New Year - Yet!

One of my New Year's Resolutions this year - and possibly my only one, cause I am really bad about keeping up with them - is to write something on my blog everyday. I have been really bad about it, obviously, and I want to rectify that. Not everything I say is important. Heck, most things I say are just cause I feel the need to open my mouth and let things come out. Most of the time those things don't make sense. Oh well. Nothing new there. =o)

Anyway, onto the post -

Last night, I was looking at all of these web pages for making felt food. Yes, you read that right - FELT FOOD. I mean, some of this stuff is amazing. You should really check out some of these pages because I can't believe some of the things that you can do with food.

Soft Sushi Food Toys - This lady made sushi toys out of terry cloth and felt. They look amazing.

Felt Brown Bag Lunch - My daughter asked me if it was real. It took a little bit for her to understand that it was all made of felt - including the lunch bag.

Scrambled Eggs - These eggs look amazing. She also has a tutorial on how to make a fried egg as well as a full breakfast.

Sugar Cookies - These cookies look good enough to eat. I really love the stuff on her page.

All of this looking at felt food made Lily decide on her Halloween costume. She wants to be a breakfast plate. A very creative idea for a six year old. She wasn't sure exactly how to do it, but I came up with that while I was at work.

1 -A large piece of white felt, some cotton batting and all of the necessary sewing items. Cut felt and batting into a large circle and stitch around the edges to hold it together. Stitch a little further in to make it look like the ridge on the plate. Do the same for the back. Attach ribbon to the top of the plates so that it can be worn over the shoulders, like a sandwich board.

2 - Yellow felt, white felt, some polyfill and necessary sewing items. Cut a round portion of the yellow felt to look like an egg yolk. Cut a portion of the white felt to look like the egg white that's been fried. Probably best to cut two of each and sew them together to make it a little stiffer. Don't want limp eggs. Attach the yolk to the white, leaving a small opening to add stuffing, then sew closed. On the plate and the back of the egg, add velcro fasteners so that it sticks.

3 - Brown felt, tan felt and necessary sewing items. Cut two strips of brown felt to look like bacon and tan felt to look like fat stripes. Once again, it's probably best to cut additional of the brown so that the bacon appears to be a little crisper. Not necessary to do this for the fat stripes. Sew all around the edges of the bacon and sew the fat stripes on, then attach velcro to the back and the plate.

4 - Tan felt, yellow felt, brown felt, polyfill and necessary sewing items. Cut four large circles from the tan felt. Sew two together to make one large pancake. Now there are two options here for how to make them look fluffy. Either stuff with polyfill, which will give you a fluffy pancake, but will also give you a flat edge; OR, cut a strip of the tan to sew to the edge of one piece of felt. Then attach the other piece to the strip, then leaving an opening, stuff that. This will give a flat edge and give the appearance of a fuller pancake. Think a slice of bread and how the sides are flat. Do this twice - either way you like - for two pancakes. With the yellow felt, cut two squares and one long strip. Assemble the same as the second pancake suggestion and stuff. This makes the butter pat. Set aside. With the brown felt cut two pieces that resemble a splash of syrup. Sew these together, quilting as you like. Attach these to the pancakes and set the buttery pat on top. You can use velcro or just sew it down, but do attach velcro to the back and to the plate so that your pancakes stay in place.

Now you have a full plate. Granted you can adjust these however you like. If you don't want bacon, just cut circles and strips from brown felt and construct like the pancakes to make sausage patties. For links, cut two rectangles, sew together and gather the ends, then stuff to make links. For scrambled eggs instead of fried, follow the directions from the page listed above, just make them larger.

For headpiece, I decided on an orange slice. You know how when you get breakfast out at somewhere like Cracker Barrel, they always give you an orange slice. You'll need orange felt, white felt, batting, and a headband. I haven't quite figured out how to get it attached to the headband or how to make it stand up correctly. What I did figure out is the basic design. Use the general idea found here to make the orange slice, only make it a half moon. Then attach it, somehow, to the headband. I suppose instead of a headband, you could always use one of the bridal skull caps and cover that with orange satin or cotton and then sew the orange slice onto that. Still have to work out the particulars.

As for the trick or treat bag, we decided on a cereal bowl full of cheerios. There are plenty of purse patterns available and it shouldn't been too hard to make one look like a cereal bowl. The hardest part will be cutting out and sewing on all of the cheerios.

But I still have some time till Halloween.


All of the felt food made me think of things that could be made out of felt. It was at that moment that my daughter walked up to me and asked me to cut out her "Iphone". She had drawn a pretend Iphone on a piece of paper. A spark and twenty minutes later -- VOILA! -- a felt pink IPhone. She's probably the
happiest kid in the universe at the moment.

There you have it. My day of felty thoughts.


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