Floating Around in My Head

Some days thoughts just float around in their for so long and I can't get rid of them. Today specifically one of my old stories popped back into my mind and didn't go away. I think I posted about it some time ago, but I can't remember. But I figure if I didn't, at least I would get it out and maybe get around to doing something with it one day.

I really work well in the fantasy genre since I can just make it all up as I go. This one in particular is about a man who is a former adventurer but settled down to take over a keep and protect the town that had sprung up around it. Not long after settling down, he married a young woman from the town. She was pretty and young and very kind. Everyone loved her. Especially the new Lord of the keep. They were married for two years before she came with child. They were both very excited. But things were doomed. Mother and child died in childbirth. The Lord of the Keep was devastated. His entire life was over. It all seemed so meaningless to him.

He sat in his keep moping about his loss. Sure it was terrible, but after another year of mourning, he should have gotten past it. But he hadn't. The servants and his adviser felt that he needed to move on. Either marry or find something else to occupy his time. Sitting around and feeling sorry for himself was not going to make her or the child return, nor would it make him feel any better. The Lord agreed with this and did what he could to become more involved. It was hard, especially when his adviser started parading young woman at him for prospective wives.

One night, the Lord made up his mind. He could no longer stay at the Keep he'd worked so hard at building back up. There were too many memories there and he was tired of them trying to run his life. So in the dark of night, he crept out with only the barest of possessions and his steed. He rode in the darkness to a nearby town where he got provisions before riding on. After a few days he came to a city (that as of yet does not have a name). This city was not large, but it definitely had everything an adventurer could want. Suddenly, the Lord realized that he was on his way to becoming an adventurer again and wandered if that was the path for him. He sat in a tavern, drinking his ale and thinking back on his life and wandering what was ahead for him. Without an invitation, a pretty dark haired woman seated herself at his table and started up a conversation with him. She seemed confident and not at all like the kind of woman he would associate himself with. That didn't stop her.

Eventually, he left the tavern and started on his way to the nearby inn. His mood had not lightened any and in fact seemed a little darker. That was when he realized that he was being followed. And by the dark haired woman no less. His skills returned in a flood and he spun on her, catching her off guard. He confronted her and they had a minor battle, mostly of words. Steel clashed and he disarmed her. Feeling confident, he stepped to her and questioned her loudly. She confessed that she was following him, but only to find out exactly what his intentions were. (Maybe not intentions. That may not be the word that I am looking for. I can't really keep it straight.)

They end up at another tavern, this one somewhat seedier. She tells him that she had a feeling about him the moment that she saw him. This made him chuckle. He was pretty sure that he'd used that line before. After some conversation, she admits that she's gathering adventurers to go on an excursion to the north to look for some long lost tomb and a great item there. (Not sure what either of those are at the moment) He tells her that he's not interested, but she cons him into it after some serious persuasion.

Ok - well, that's as far as I have gotten. I know, not much, but I can't seem to get past that part. I definitely can't think of what the tomb or the item in question would be. I keep thinking an orb, but I don't want to use that. They seem over used. Not really wanting a sword or armor. More something unusual. As for the tomb, probably a king or warrior of the past.

Time to go tuck in the child.

Have a Happy New Year!


Andrew said...

That is an interesting thought. You might consider going at it in a non-linear way--you could start with them arriving at the meeting place, with you knowing their back story and the reader not.

Then you could unpeel it over the story, using that curiosity about the history of well-drawn characters to keep the reader engaged. Good luck!

Dinaskj√łkken said...

I agree, orbs are somewhat over used. A ring, that has an inscription on it.. that makes the adventurer continue on a journey, to find the owners. Could be an idea. :)

Good luck on your story.

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