Ok, I have decided to redo my blog. I don't really have enough nerdy thoughts right at the moment so I have decided instead to just post about things. Anything. The way I originally wanted to do it and didn't.

So on that note...

I have recently decided that I am not a complete dolt when it comes to baking bread. In fact, many years ago I made a fabulous loaf of sun-dried tomato herb bread. It was the best I think that I had ever had. Since then, though, I haven't had any luck. The last batch of bread I tried to make ended up not rising and being completely flat and hard. It was very depressing. I gave up after that. That was about five years ago.

Last week, however, was a whole different story. I decided to try again. I found a recipe on AllRecipes for Egg Bread. It sounded absolutely wonderful. Check out the recipe here! I got it all mixed together and it had just the right amount of elasticity and everything. Only problem, I couldn't get it to rise. My kitchen just isn't warm enough. Not even with the oven on. Here came the depression. I started to feel like I had wasted my money and was going to be throwing it all away.

Right at that moment - the buzzer on my dryer went off.

Wait a minute. Where in my home did I have a consistent source of heat?


It was at that moment that I found the best place to make bread rise. I sat the bowl on the top of the dryer while it ran and placed a towel over top of it. Two hours later it had doubled in size and was well on it's way to being a fabulous loaf of bread. I made a tasty pair of Braided Egg Bread Loaves.

It made me so happy to have made this bread. It seems like such a small accomplishment, but for me to have made something like this and have it come out so well, it really was a confidence booster. So much so, that I made another batch of bread today. This time I made Buttermilk Herb Bread. I don't have any photos of that one, but let me tell you. OMG! It has the most amazing taste. I really recommend both recipes.

Next, I'm trying Brioche. We'll see if I can handle a French Country Bread.

I'm a Doof

Well, so things haven't been getting done around my blog lately and I do apologize. I think that I haven't really had much to say and that I have ignored things too long. So, as of today, things are going to change around here.

For the better...

I hope...

Over the next few days, I am going to change things around on my blog. Since I can't seem to find time to game these days and haven't really felt like working on game stuff (Terrible, I know), I'm going to just shift my focus to other things - including game stuff, when I have something to talk about.

Check back, please!

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