Writer's Block Stinks

I don't know about you, but I have a ton of stupid (and some not so stupid) ideas floating around in my head. Many are also floating around on my hard drive. I want so bad to write something. Anything. Just make something make sense. Make something sound good.

And I can't!

It sucks!

I hates me some writer's block.

I had been working on a story and got about 18 pages into it, when I realized that I was writing to write and it actually didn't make sense. So, I set out to make it make sense. In doing so, I got annoyed and quit. I tell Doc all of the time not to do that. So why can't I listen to my own advice? Pigheaded, I suppose. Or maybe not. Maybe I am just far too optimistic in my writing. I get the opinion that I can sit down and write anything. Or maybe it's pessimism. Maybe I just think that no matter what I write it's awful.

I can't even make an adventure make sense. All I want to do is send players into a dungeon and run them through a Baldur's Gate type thing where it's all hack and slash and it doesn't have to make sense.

Then again, I want a fabulous plot to go along with all of that hack and slash. A plot where they save the princess, get the wealth and fame, and someone gets the princess. All the while, hacking goblins to bits and slashing ghouls to shreds.

Why oh why does it have to be so hard?


Dr-Rotwang said...

Because you haven't read No Plot? No Problem! like I suggested you should. It's over there, on the shelf.


A GM said...

Nothing good comes easy.
Maybe you need to have a number of projects "in play" as it were, and when one is boring you, switch off to another, like three or four.
Spend some time just writing those ideas down. Paper doesn't forget. Geek right out, write yourself a letter, whatever it takes to relay the size, scope and utter coolness of the concept.
I probably should read more of your blogs before I stick my foot further down my tonsils. :)
Don't give up.

TYSON said...

Bad Goblins captured Princess to force King to pay ransom. You are being hired to "pay ransom" but the King wants to you to be the ones that are paid. He wants you to:
1)Bring back captured Princess ALIVE and you get paid lotsa Moola
2)Keep what you get along the way
3)A bounty for every goblinoid ear
4)TOP PRIORITY IS GOAL #1---If Princess is killed or severely injured he will hire out and have your party killed. SO make sure she gets back alive and in good shape and cash in.

Let the slashing begin :)

petespahn said...

I've found that if I start trying to make a story make sense before I'm finished with it, I inevitably screw it up or lose my enthusiasm. I try to start writing and not stop until I can put "the end " on the paper. It's a lot easier to edit a story once you have a clear idea of where it's going.

Good luck!


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