Santa's Coming

When I was a kid, on Christmas Eve, my parents would take me to the control tower at Grissom Air Force to see Santa on the radar. That was just the greatest thing in the entire world for me when I was five or six. A couple of Air Force officers would bring up the radar and we would all get to see a little blip on the screen that looked like a little sleigh. That cemented the deal right there. There was no turning back. Santa was real and he was on his way.

As I thought about it, I wanted to be able to show Lily the same kind of thing. Since there isn't an Air Force base near us (Grissom is far north of us now), I went Googling. I found two different sites: Norad Tracks Santa and Santa Tracker 2009. The Santa Tracker is cute cause it shows a world view and a little Santa wherever he is at the time. Not the same as when I was a kid, but the Norad site is the best. It has a big radar screen and an image of Santa's sleigh and his reindeer. It even has a reindeer cam where you can see little houses off to the side. I showed this one to Lily and she asks, "Where's our house?" I told her that it wasn't on there yet. She smiled and looked at it closely. That's when I told her, "Santa's going to be here in 2 hours, 13 minutes." Her eyes got real big and she clamped her lips shut, turned and ran to her room. I tell you, I laughed so hard I cried.

Then of course, two minutes later she comes back out with a picture of an A and a squiggle for Santa. She's so funny.



Be safe and enjoy time with family and friends.


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