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I sat down yesterday afternoon to watch the repeat of Syfy's "Alice". At first, I was just kinda so-so with it, but as it went on, I started to really like it. Now, by no means is it good, but it was enjoyable. Kind of like "Tin Man". Even my Super Princess Power Girl sat down with me to watch it.

But it made me start thinking. What other kinds of classic tales could be retold in a new way? While making Banana Bread (which smells fabulous right now in my kitchen) and dying my hair (the gray is getting out of hand), I thought about it.

Snow White.

Yes, there has been a re-telling of Snow White within the last several years, a book called "Snow White, Rose Red" or something like that. I haven't read it, but I doubt that what I have in mind is anything like the book.

Here's what I have: (Now, keep in mind, I have only read the kids version of the tale, mostly the Little Golden Books)

Angela White, known as Snow to her friends because of her long luxurious platinum blonde hair, is an aspiring model with a lot of talent. But she hasn't been able to really hit the big time, so in the mean time, to make ends meet, she works in a small shop in a Soho type area of town. (What town, I haven't decided yet, but think something very ecclectic and hobo-y with coffee shops, local crafts, book shops, etc). Her boyfriend, Jason, works in a coffee shop around the bend. Things are nice for them, but could be better.

While at work one day, she is approached by a man named Archer Hunter who says that he works for Henrietta Wick, head of the Mirror, Mirror Beauty Corporation and that Angela is just what they are looking for.

The Mirror, Mirror Beauty Corporation is a huge, worldwide company that has drawn in some of the most beautiful models from around the world to work for them. Their creams and cosmetics are said to actually reverse the aging process. But their ingredients are closely guarded secrets and they are always under attack from the media and other sources.

Some say Henrietta Wick is older than she appears but her own product has given her a new lease on life. But, known only to her and a few of her inner circle, the products are not what keep her young and beautiful. It's her models. When she has finished a contract with a model, that model is taken to a room and told that she will recieve a special treatment of the product as a thank you/farewell gift. The model is given something to drink and passes into unconsciousness moments later. Her beauty essence is drawn from her and turned into a liquid which is given to Ms Wick. (Think Countess Bathory with less blood) Afterwards the model, now looking more like an old woman, is dropped off in town and left to find her own way.

Meanwhile, Archer Hunter has introduced Angela into the business. Ms. Wick is interested in her and knows that she will gets several years of essence from Angela. But as soon as Angela hits the scene and the tabloids call her "The Fairest of the Mirror Mirror Beauties", Ms Wick becomes infuriated and orders Hunter to take her away and have her "removed from the public eye". Hunter has a problem with this because he has come to like her.

This is as far as I have gotten. I haven't figured out where to insert Prince Charming. I know that he isn't the boyfriend, but someone else - maybe a scientist at the corp or a security guard, maybe even a cop that has nothing to do with the corp, but...Ok, there it is. Prince Charming - named Edward Prince (maybe, maybe not) is a cop with the local PD. He's been pulled into an investigation over the discovery of one of the former models who was found wandering the streets. When she's printed and such, they learn that she's really Cynthia Haynes, a 20 year old model from NYC. Obviously, she looks more like MaMa from the Addams Family. Cynthia starts talking about the things that have been going on at Mirror, Mirror and he gets curious. He starts to investigate.

I'm thinking that maybe he knew her years ago, like in school or something, so he has more reason to go looking for her.

How about the apples? How does that fit in? Does it have to be an old witch disguise and apples? What about the dwarves? Does Archer Hunter get her out and hide her in a midget wrestling outfit or the circus? Hmmm....


Dr-Rotwang said...



romana1 said...

How about instead of apples, it's Apple Red Lipstick, since it is a cosmetic company...hmmm...

petespahn said...

> How about the apples? How does
> that fit in? Does it have to be > an old witch disguise and apples?

Maybe kinda. What if Wick pretends to play nice and offers to send Hunter and White on a vacation to a home located near some apple orchards. Wick has some sort of deal with someone/thing evil that lives in the orchard. One day when White is out enjoying an apple--BAM!

> What about the dwarves? Does
> Archer Hunter get her out and
> hide her in a midget wrestling
> outfit or the circus? Hmmm....

Maybe not dwarves - maybe a band of kids who are trying to stop the evil orchard man/beast - they come across White and rescue her.

Edward then comes looking for her . . .

Lots of ways you could go with this. Nice setup.

romana1 said...

Ooohh....that sounds good. I like the evil thing idea. Not sure about the Hunter/White vacation thing, but that would make sense, considering I had been trying to find a way to make it so he gets her away. Hmmm...

TYSON said...

Apple Smoothies put the girls to sleep but this one is todie for and Wick has one made to poison White. But Hunter has a change of heart and drugs her so she looks dead. Instead of dumping the body Hunter places White on to a bus with a paid in cash one way ticket to Vegas and a cellphone call to a "Grumpy". When she arrives drugged out her mind at the station the cops are called.
In walks Officer Pierce Charming. Awed by the beauty he sees he tries to find out who she is. A disturbance distracts Charming and a small band of thugs sneaks White out of there and off to Al Pals Circus and Carnival winter location. She is surrounded by 7 assorted carnie folks "The seven dwarves" Grumpy is the agitated ex-college roomate of Hunter. The are hiding White because Hunter has leaked over the years that Wick is a wicked witch of a lady and $5,000 cash he hid in her bag for them to buy booze and food did not hurt either.
Kind of like the group of carnie folk in Bubble Boy.

Not bad for a distracted 12 minutes at work.

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