Stargate: Universe

So, I am giving it a chance.

But, so far -- eh. I'm not finding it compelling.

Yeah, it's Stargate, so I am giving it the opportunity to pull me in like the others did, but I am not so sure about it. I like Eli and Lt. Scott, and TJ, but otherwise, not that interested. Doc has termed it Stargate-lactica because of the shaky cam thing and I have a tendency to agree with him.

Last nights episode was so far the best one, with the alien bugs and such. It reminded me the most of Stargate - alien world and such. But, ya know, I am having a hard time caring about the characters.

  • Colonel Talford (Lou Diamond Philips) just annoys me in general. I think he's taking the pushy overbearing military guy a little too far and that makes him rather unlikeable. Actually, very unlikeable.
  • Eli Wallace (David Blue) is a good character. He's young and inexperienced and knows that. His attitude and ability to handle himself in a tough situation is believable and likeable. He's one of the reasons that I still watch.
  • Dr. Nicholas Rush (Robert Taylor) is a jerk to the extreme. I really could have done without the jackass scientist part. Yeah, I know this is his life's work and that they are all screwed, but man, cut the attitude.
  • Colonel Everett Young (Justin Louis) may turn out to be a good character in the end, but I think he needs some work. I don't think as a leader he's really getting the chance to prove himself. He takes to many cues from Rush, who needs to go away.
  • Lt. Matthew Scott (Brain Smith) is another promising character, but he needs a chance to get on screen more often. The actor plays the character well, but he hasn't really gotten to do much so far.
  • Chloe Armstrong (Elyse Levesque) is just a whiny, "look at me" type that drives me nuts. She's more at home on a soap opera than in space. And really, the hook up with Scott? Not working for me. Eli was a better choice.
  • Tamara Johnson, aka TJ (Alaina Huffman) has some definate potential. She proves that she's a doctor but also human. She knows that everything has gone to hell but she still makes sure to keep a cool head - most of the time.
  • Ronald Greer (Jamil Walker Smith) should have been left in the brig on whatever planet they were on in the first place. He's annoying and crappy. His only emotion seems to be anger.
The others are all bit players and mostly uninteresting.

The thing that I keep in mind is that I didn't really like Atlantis the first few times I saw it either, but after a while I started to really get into it. So, you never know, but I have little faith.


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