Thanks to all for the well wishes about our little girl.

She is definitely one tough cookie, that's for sure. Her collarbone has healed nicely according to her last doctor's visit. She has a small knot from the calcification and it's a little tender, but the nurse says that's normal. She goes back next Monday to get the ok to take off the sling. Man, is she excited. I think her biggest concern is that she won't have to have the sling while she's dressed as Dorothy for Halloween. She's a crazy little girl.

The Halloween Game is coming up and I have de-railed my thoughts again. I have a hard time making up serious horror stuff for a game that's short. We typically have 5-6 hours free time for these games, so I want something that isn't going to take a ton of time. I did finally make a decision though.

-- Movie monsters that have to outrun the ghost hunters.

The PCs play one of ten movie monsters (Dracula, Frankenstein's Monster, The Wolfman, The Invisible Man, The Bride of Frankenstein, a Zombie, Son of Dracula, Bride of Dracula, The Swamp Thing and The Creature From the Black Lagoon) that are still inhabiting an abandoned movie lot. A group of ghost hunters comes to check out the reports of hauntings only to discover that a lot more is there than they thought. The Monsters have to out run the ghost hunters and do their best to NOT get their pictures taken.

Everyone gets to play more than one monster, mostly cause one of my regular players gets killed a lot - I mean, a lot.

Let's see what else...


Can you tell that I'm happy? =o) Our old carpet was this hideous golden stuff that wasn't attached to the floor all the way and had stretched over the years (33 to be exact) and was stained and gross...etc. In fact, the carpet had pulled away from the tack strips and Lily fell a couple of years ago and cut her knee wide open on one of the tacks. It was nasty. And she asked "Mommy, why is there red paint on my knee?" What a kid.

But, anyway, our new carpet isn't actually new, it is used, but it's high end, stain resistant carpet with really nice padding (the old stuff was disentegrating as you stood on it). It's a lovely shade of emerald green and soooo nice. I'm thrilled. Thanks to my in-laws for my wonderful carpet.

Now I just have to get everything put back where it belongs before this weekend's game -- and we need to get to the litter box. Ronin can make smellies.


Jerry Cornelius said...

That's a clever premise for a game, although I think the Invisible Man will have the easiest time avoiding having his picture taken.

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