Movie Monster Madness

The Halloween game was a success!

We ended up with nine total "characters":
  • Dracula
  • Frankenstein's Monster ("The Creature")
  • The Invisible Man
  • The Creature from the Black Lagoon ("The Gill Man")
  • Wolfman
  • The Mummy
  • Bug Eyed Alien
  • Robot Monster
  • Ghost
The characters consisted of a few Pros and Cons and a quick little description. This game was by no means serious. In fact, Doc and Leaky Pete played The Gill Man and the Wolfman as grumpy, little old men. It was the height of hilarity.

The monsters ran away from the members of the TV show "Ghost Hunters", so this was a SciFi Original RolePlaying Game in a sense. Granted I know nothing about the TV show, so I just kinda bluffed it, but it didn't really matter. All that mattered was that the monsters could manage to keep from getting their pictures taken by the ghost hunters.

The setting was a haunted movie set out in the desert somewhere (Delware, suggested Doc). There were six lots - Set A: a Haunted Mansion soundstage; Set B: a Crashed Alien Spaceship soundstage; Set C: Swamp/Lagoon soundstage; Set D: Wild West soundstage: Set E: Modern City soundstage; and Set F: 50's Midwest town soundstage.

I didn't have as many players this year as usual since Party Gorilla had to work and Hamster had to go see his girlfriend, but we still had fun. We started out with Doc playing The Gill Man, Leaky Pete as the Wolfman and Jacob with no Nickname as the Bug Eyed Alien Monster. Gill Man was enjoying a nice dip in his lagoon soundstage, while Wolfman was playing cowboy in the Wild West soundstage and the Bug Eyed Alien had just crashed into the Crashed Alien Spaceship soundstage. There was lots of silliness and bad Jewish old man accents while the Alien went in search of stuff to fix his spaceship and earth women. They didn't last too long before they got their pictures taken. Rushing the camera men wasn't a good plan.

Leaky Pete pulled out the Ghost next and proceeded to possess one of the camera men and run around rampant making southern slave voices while doing so. Jacob whipped out the Robot who ran around saying "Does not compute!" and Doc pulled the Mummy out of storage in the basement of the old lingerie shop (pink is not his color). The Robot didn't last long, and Jacob ended up with Dracula next, who apparently was really hungry and ran around sucking all of the camera crew dry. Ghost managed to get his photo taken right after he finished possessing someone and the Mummy was too busy shambling down the street to get away from the oncoming camera.

Next Leaky Pete came up with The Creature, who woke up in a room in the top of the haunted mansion missing the Bride of Frankenstein, but she did leave behind her arm, just in case he got lonely. Doc got the Invisible Man next, who is completely insane (The Invisible Man, not Doc, he's just really goofy). Believe me, he played it up for all it was worth. I think by the time he was done we'd all lost a few san points.

After a while, Dracula drained pretty much all of the crew dry and the movie monsters, minus several of their friends, were left alone once again.

We had a blast for about two hours.

Sci Fi Original Pictures Presents a Sci Fi Original Role Playing Game "Movie Monster Madness"


Luis said...

The all sci-fi movies are good but i like Dracula and The Invisible man the most.

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