Kids are something else

You'd think that kids are either made completely of rubber or out of concrete, but apparently not.

My daughter tripped and fell on Saturday night, right after I walked in the door from work. She tossed the books one way and she went the other. Screaming and crying ensued. I had no idea what had happened. I thought she had just bruised her bone and we continued on our way - read stories, said goodnight and went about our business. She woke me up about 2:30 in the morning when she crawled into bed with us. After that she slept on the couch. I didn't think anything of it. She's Lily - she doesn't get hurt. She just doesn't. Eight o'clock the next morning she's crying. All I can think of is that she really bruised herself. But there was no bruise and no swelling. So, we went on.

Our friends came over, we gamed, we laughed. She napped on the couch, was listless and not herself. It still never occurred to me that something might be wrong. She went to bed normally and slept all night long without any problem.

It wasn't until after almost a full day at daycare, that I realized something must be wrong. Her daycare lady said that she was favoring that arm (her left one) all day and started crying at the park when she bumped it. She suggested that it might be dislocated. I got on the horn and called the doctor to get her an emergency appointment. Now, I started to think that something was wrong...

...I felt like the WORST parent in the world.

I hadn't believed her when she said that it still hurt. I just thought that she was looking for attention - like most kids do when they get hurt.

At the doctor's office, I felt even worse when I found out what was wrong.

She broke her collarbone.

My child - five years old - had broken her collarbone.

Jeesh! Now I really feel awful. My little pumpkin. The child that bounces back from everything! But this time, she didn't bounce back all the way. This time there was a broken bone.

And what does she say? "Do they have pink slings?"

That's my girl!! Always looking for the bright side of things. Granted, they don't have pink slings, but we put a Strawberry Shortcake sticker on it and we're going to paint flowers on it later.

Man, what a weekend.

My Darling Little Girl

Every year my little girl picks something for Halloween. Usually it's a witch. Or some form of one. Her first Halloween costume that I made for her was a pumpkin/ghost/kitty witch (she couldn't decide which one she wanted to be, so I mixed it all up with colors and accents). It worked out well in the end. And she was most depressed when she grew out of it.

Last year, she wanted to be a witch like Hermione Granger, but with a different costume. So I started on a nice little costume for her, but the satin started to disintegrate when I was sewing it, so she ended up being Supergirl instead. Grandma stepped in to save the day on that one at the last minute with a store bought costume. Nothing wrong with that. She can still wear it and does on a regular basis.

This year, she started out wanting to be a witch, until Grandma bought her a pair of ruby slippers. So, she decided on Dorothy instead. We bought all of the fabric and notions and she picked the pattern out of the pattern book. Needless to say, she was excited beyond belief.

That was month ago. I have a hard time sometime getting myself together to get started on sewing. I laid it out numerous times to see how to cut it out, to make sure that we have enough fabric. There were a few times that I wasn't so sure about it - lost my nerve so to speak.

Until today...

I cut out the pattern last night. And at 9:00AM today I started sewing. And at 5:30PM this evening - about 15 minutes before my dear little girl and Doc were to arrive home, I finished.

I have a hard time believing that I sewed this beautiful costume, but I did it! And she was absolutely thrilled. She put it on immediately and grabbed her stuffed Toto and basket and ran to her room to change.


Well, I just learned some disturbing news for those of us who don't have BBC America.

Read all about it here.


That's all I have to say - Blah!

Pseudo Greek Fantasy

Doc and I have been trying to make time to game lately but so far no luck. We tried to make Tuesday's after Super Princess Power Girl goes to bed our game time, though it got derailed over the last three weeks or so - I had to work late, nobody felt good, or we didn't have our game ideas together. It stinks. Hopefully today I'll get myself together and we can play tonight.

So, my idea for our first game is this -

A pseudo-Greek fantasy world along the lines of Hercules and Xena But not as silly. Basically, my thought was this: Wouldn't it be kinda neat to play in a fantasy world where the gods and goddesses interfere in the world of humans on a fairly regular basis. I had thought about using Forgotten Realms for this, but my only problem with that is that all of the pantheon seem so stuffy and uptight. None of them seem like they would be ready and willing to jump into the mortals and play around. Granted I suppose they could, but it just didn't feel quite right to me.

Then I thought, ok, maybe I'll just make up my own gods and let them mess around. That requires me to start from scratch and with the time that I don't have, that wouldn't be a viable option. So, instead, I just grabbed the Greek pantheon and let go. Anyhow, for some reason, they always seem to get involved with humans and wreak havoc regularly. It works for me.

The first game was mine and I had a few ideas.

1 - Traveling through the woods on the way to a village, the PC gets attacked by a group of bandits.
2 - PC gets to town and finds the leader of the bandits there waiting for his buddies, but instead gets the PC.
3 - PC has to steal something important from a temple to a local deity (probably just a patron).
4 - PC gets hired on as a mercenary to ferret out some baddies.
5 - PC accidentally gets married during a festival to Bacchus.

All those ideas are good and I will probably use them, but I decided instead that the first adventure was going to be the PC heading into a village on his way to where ever he was going and finding the whole place filled with the plague. Doors are "X"ed off and the whole place smells of death and decay. This kind of thing isn't completely uncommon, but what really takes the cake is that the dead who should have died from the plague aren't dead. They still roam the village. Why? I'm not sure yet.

- someone stole the sacred object from the local shrine to Hades. What would that object be? Maybe an everburning candle, a small statue, a fist sized gem, a tuna sandwich. Hmm...
- Hades is far too smitten with some mortal woman to pay attention to the dead and their needs.
- Hades has too many dead to deal with in Underworld and needs a Gatherer of Souls to help him out.

Now I just have to figure out which one I like the best.
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