Review: Book - Hell and Earth

Well, I gave it an effort -

- and it failed miserably.

This book, and subsequently the author, gets all kinds of good reviews, but jeesh.

The main plot of the book is centered around a group called the Prometheus Club that help keep the world of Man and the world of Faerie separate and happy. Some pretty prominent names are members of the club, such as William Shakespeare (who is having a gay relationship behind his wife's back with a guy who apparently went to hell and came back all weird), Christopher Marley (the aforementioned guy who went to hell), Lord Byron, Edmund Spenser and a handful of others. The idea that well known authors and statesmen are members of this club is kinda cool. Almost along the lines of the Masons, with the supernatural attitude, but more geared toward the Fae.

All in all, a good idea...

...until I started reading it. OMG!! Everything is written in the very hard to read Shakespearean speech - lots of thou's and thine's and such. I kept having to go back and read again just to make sure that I had it right the first time. And I didn't really want to know about Shakespeare's gay love affair. Really, now... That kind of made Shakespeare even harder to read than it already was.

Thank heavens I only paid $4.00 for this book. I wouldn't have paid more and part of me wants my $4.00 back.
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