Review: Book - The Gossamer Plain

This book wasn't bad. It wasn't great, but it wasn't bad. I will probably pick up the next one in the series this weekend when I head to the bookstore, since it will be a while since I get up to Half Price Books again.

It involves a half fiend named Aliiza who has been sent to try to discredit a man named Helm Dwarf-Friend, leader of the city of Sundabar. She's in disguise as a pretty, young human woman since she normally has wings and looks like a devil of sorts. But things go wrong and she gets captured. Meanwhile her lover, a fiend named Kaanyr Vhok heads off on some quest across the Elemental Plain of Fire to the fabled City of Brass. His companion is Zasian, a cleric of Bane.

Aliiza gets kidnapped and whacked on the head, enough that she goes unconscious and ends up on the Celestial Plane guarded by an angel named Tauran. There she finds that she is pregnant and that her unborn child called for Tyr's help. This ticks her off and she tries all she can to get away from the place and the celestials, but she's already said that she would follow their rule.

Vhok and Zasian make their way across the Plane of Fire while Aliiza confronts old ghosts while she waits for her child to be born. Nothing goes right for either party and all goes wrong in the end.

I didn't really start enjoying this book until about two thirds of the way through, then I was annoyed cause I couldn't find book 2 at Borders. It runs about $7 at Amazon, though I got mine at Barnes and Noble since Borders didn't have it.

I recommend it just cause it veers away from the normal Forgotten Realms characters and it's a decent read.


Brunomac said...

They're still making D&D fiction? Who still reads this stuff? Uh, besides you that is...

I gotta tell ya, more interesting characters and situations seem to happen in a typical AD&D game of mine than any of the stories I have heard of, including the famous Drizzle or drazzle or whatever that elvish ranger in the Salvatore books name is.

romana1 said...

I tend to agree. I wish that sometimes I could keep all of the cool stuff that happens to my characters in mind long enough to write it all down. Some of that stuff would make great story fodder.

As for Drizzt D'whatshisname from Salvatore, well he can kiss my rear end. I do not like Salvatore at all and that is one place that I don't go for my fiction. I prefer that other stuff. You know, the stuff that I read.

I have noticed however that the section for Forgotten Realms fic at my local book shop is getting larger than the Star Wars and Star Trek stuff.

I do wish that I could find some original fic that had as much interest to me as the D&D stuff.

Brunomac said...

I got into D&D as a kid mostly because of the whimsy mixed with the creepy vibe I got from it. Reading a story based on D&D seems like a no-brainer, but I never had the urge to pick one up. Again, maybe it was just because I felt we were already making great stories that a half dozen of us were pitching in on. Games to me seemed like one of those shared universe books like Thieves World, and as DM I got to be the editor.

Of course, like most other gamers, I've started the "Great American D&D novel" a bunch of times in my life. I usually stopped because what was on the printed page didn't seem to have the feel of the actual gameplay (and also because I am a lazy bastard).

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