Review: Book - City of the Dead

I liked this book regardless of the fact that the main character is more or less incompetant. She's pleasant, kind and interesting. She has no talent for the warrior path but she does have a bit of the spell-plague.

The young lady is named Sophraea Carver and she's one of the Carver family of Waterdeep that take care of the City of the Dead - the largest, and possibly the only, cemetary in Waterdeep. She's the daintiest of all of the Carvers and the only female of the children. Also, the only one that has no talent for the cemetary's needs - headstones, statues and the like.

Almost immediately she meets Lord Aderbrant, also known as the Walking Corpse. People of Waterdeep don't really like him and some are afraid of him, but he proves to be a pleasant friend of the Carvers.

As she grows up, she decides that she wants to leave the family home and be a dressmaker, but when she meets a young wizard named Gustin Bone, she changes her mind. Adventure ensues as the dead of Waterdeep begins to rise and walk the city at night, tormenting, in particular, a nasty man named Rampage Stunk. Together Sophraea and Gustin must stop the dead from destroying Dead End House and the rest of Waterdeep.

Stunk proves and obstacle in this, but Lord Aderbrant turns out to be more trouble than they all thought. In the end though, it all works out for the best

Theres not a lot in the way of swordplay, or even really fighting, but it's a good book nonetheless. You can check it out at Amazon for about $8. I recommend it for a fun, quick read.


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