I like to write...

I used to do it all of the time. I had several fiction websites up and even a fiction writing group that I moderated on Yahoo groups. I did it all of the time. Then again, at the time, I was married to someone that did nothing but spend 18 hours a day on the computer, rarely talking to me, and I didn't work. Man, things are so much better now. *sigh*

Anyhow, I asked Doc a while ago, "Is it wrong that I want to sit down and write fanfic again?" He said, "Absolutely not." That made me feel good. I know that the whole fanfic thing is rather "blah" sometimes. People take it too far a good portion of the time. For example, I decided that I wanted to read some Doctor Who fic that wasn't the ones that I buy at the bookshop. Jeesh, that was a mistake. Every single story that I found on the site that I stopped at was slash or smut. That really put a damper on the mood to read fic. Granted, when I wasn't having much of a life, I wrote some naughty stuff, too. But man, some of the stuff that I saw put my naughty stuff to shame.

But still the desire to write is there. I have tons of ideas. I want to put them on paper (electronic as well as the other variety). And yes, some of them are fanfic. Doc even told me that it's ok to want to sit down and MarySue something out the wazoo. And I might just do that. For now, though, I am glad to know that I still have the desire to write. Even though my muse might be on vacation. In the meantime, I have lots of old stuff on disc to read that I wrote years ago - naughty and all.

If I posted it, would someone read it? I know it's not good. But hey, I didn't really write most of it to be good. I wrote it to be fun.


Vic Palisades said...

I think thats the best reason of all.

It's certainly why I write. Back in the day I used to just write up our Star Wars D6 RPG gamelogs as a clear-cut vanilla retelling of major events.

That got to be boring, so back in 2002 or thereabouts I started fan0ficcing (is that a word? it is now!) our games, embellishing where need be and overall having a great time of it.

If you're interested you can see the fic (and examples of the early gamelogs) on my page:


The actual fiction doesn't pick up till around Episode #7 (and really doesn't show much polish until ep's 8-10).

I look forward to reading some of your stuff!

Devin said...

I agree - what better reason to write than for the sheer joy of doing so?

I've felt my own self-conscious hesitancy about writing fanfic. Granted, I've only really had the desire to do so twice, and I worked up a lot of ideas on paper for both (they were based on "Earth 2" and "Willow", respectively), but I fell short of actually writing them. Occasionally I think about it, though...

In any case, life's too short to worry about ridiculous stigmas. We're gamers, after all - we've already got plenty of geek labeling on our foreheads. It's not as though we're going to become any less nerdy. ;)

Besides, isn't writing fanfic basically the same thing that professional authors and scriptwriters on licensed series do? The only difference is we're not getting paid for it, right?

Brunomac said...

OK, I'll tell you a little secret.

I was not a big Harry Potter fan until I saw Order of the Pheonix. Then I started reading those later books (the ones with more adult themes) and got hooked for a bit. Loved Half Blood Prince.

I never wrote much in the way of fanfic, but I have an overwhelming urge to write Potter Porno. Ron and Lavendar getting caught in the act by Hermione. Harry doing a bit more than snogging with Ginny by the fire place. Bellatrix and her drunken, shameful night with several male death eaters in the Shrieking Shack.

Is this weird, or should I just start an adults only blog and go for it? Or should I admit I need help?

romana1 said...

I got quite a giggle at the thought of Hermione catching Ron doing something that he shouldn't (or shouldn't get caught doing). Hey why not?

Ever heard of a show called Mystic Knights of Tyr-Na-Nog? I wrote some dirty stuff about that at one point in my past. People couldn't get enough of it.

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