The Things You Find

So I was cleaning out the top of my daughter's closet the other day and found that I stored some of my old CD's and cassettes up there. I found a whole box of them. I had forgotten completely about some of the things that were up there. I found a good bit of old 80s music (Madonna, Wham and various things that I recorded off radio when I lived down south many years ago), a copy of the Timelords single "Doctorin' the Tardis" - both the one that was sold in stores and a copy of a studio tape that was released in England (I think), Duran Duran's "Tiger Tiger" - the Japanese single release, another Duran Duran single that I don't remember the name of, Hooked on Swing and Hooked on Classics, The Classics in Rythmn - the Royal Philharmonc Orchestra took great classical pieces and redid them with a pop beat (GREAT!!) and Doctor Demento's Basement Tapes Volume 1 - A CD that one only recieved when they became a member of the Demento Society. Boy, some of the things that one finds.

I also discovered that apparently I like to read contemporary romances. Go figure, I do have a girly side after all. But mind you, these aren't regular bodice rippers. They have a supernatural twist to them. In fact the House on Tradd Street that I read, by Karen White, was rather good. It was an engaging read with interesting characters. I liked it. It has a sequel coming out in November. I'm actually looking forward to it.

I just read one called The Demon King and I by Candace Havens. Had a little more... well, bodice ripping in it, but not enough that it made me cringe. It wasn't bad at all. In fact, I read it in like 3 days. It was about a set of four sisters that were given the task of protecting the Earth and other worlds from a growing darkness. Not bad. There are some more by her. I haven't read any of those.

I got both of those books and some others for cheap at Borders. I mean CHEAP! They were $4.00 and buy one get one free.

I like those sales.

Review: Book - The Fractured Sky

This is the second book in the Empyrean Odyssey. Book one was "The Gossamer Plain", this is book two and the third book in due out in November.

This was just about the same as the first one. We continue to follow the misadventures of Aliiza, the alu, and Kaanyr Vhok, the cambion. Vhok has finally arrived at the end of his quest, only to discover that his friend, Zasian, is not who he seemed to be, and his lover, Aliiza, has had a change of heart. Together, bound by the angel Tauran, and a new companion named Kael, they must find Zasian and stop whatever scheme he has put into play. Unfortunately, while doing this, they must also discover what has split the Celestial Plane in twain and do what they can to set right a series of events that seems almost impossible.

I kind of enjoyed this one more than the last one, only because there was more interaction with Aliiza, the alu. She got to do more this time around instead of being stuck with her ghosts from the last book. We also find out more about her child - the child that Vhok is less than excited about. I think that the part that annoyed me most about this book was the ending. Don't worry, not going to spoil it for anyone. It's just that everything goes awry right at the end - and the next one doesn't come out till November.

I will read the last installment just so I can find out what happens. At least, unlike some of the other Forgotten Realms books that I have read, this one is not set in the same place all of the time and there is definately more swordplay. I like that.

Amazon has it for $7, which is what I paid for it at my local bookshop. I recommend it.

Review: Book - The Gossamer Plain

This book wasn't bad. It wasn't great, but it wasn't bad. I will probably pick up the next one in the series this weekend when I head to the bookstore, since it will be a while since I get up to Half Price Books again.

It involves a half fiend named Aliiza who has been sent to try to discredit a man named Helm Dwarf-Friend, leader of the city of Sundabar. She's in disguise as a pretty, young human woman since she normally has wings and looks like a devil of sorts. But things go wrong and she gets captured. Meanwhile her lover, a fiend named Kaanyr Vhok heads off on some quest across the Elemental Plain of Fire to the fabled City of Brass. His companion is Zasian, a cleric of Bane.

Aliiza gets kidnapped and whacked on the head, enough that she goes unconscious and ends up on the Celestial Plane guarded by an angel named Tauran. There she finds that she is pregnant and that her unborn child called for Tyr's help. This ticks her off and she tries all she can to get away from the place and the celestials, but she's already said that she would follow their rule.

Vhok and Zasian make their way across the Plane of Fire while Aliiza confronts old ghosts while she waits for her child to be born. Nothing goes right for either party and all goes wrong in the end.

I didn't really start enjoying this book until about two thirds of the way through, then I was annoyed cause I couldn't find book 2 at Borders. It runs about $7 at Amazon, though I got mine at Barnes and Noble since Borders didn't have it.

I recommend it just cause it veers away from the normal Forgotten Realms characters and it's a decent read.

I like to write...

I used to do it all of the time. I had several fiction websites up and even a fiction writing group that I moderated on Yahoo groups. I did it all of the time. Then again, at the time, I was married to someone that did nothing but spend 18 hours a day on the computer, rarely talking to me, and I didn't work. Man, things are so much better now. *sigh*

Anyhow, I asked Doc a while ago, "Is it wrong that I want to sit down and write fanfic again?" He said, "Absolutely not." That made me feel good. I know that the whole fanfic thing is rather "blah" sometimes. People take it too far a good portion of the time. For example, I decided that I wanted to read some Doctor Who fic that wasn't the ones that I buy at the bookshop. Jeesh, that was a mistake. Every single story that I found on the site that I stopped at was slash or smut. That really put a damper on the mood to read fic. Granted, when I wasn't having much of a life, I wrote some naughty stuff, too. But man, some of the stuff that I saw put my naughty stuff to shame.

But still the desire to write is there. I have tons of ideas. I want to put them on paper (electronic as well as the other variety). And yes, some of them are fanfic. Doc even told me that it's ok to want to sit down and MarySue something out the wazoo. And I might just do that. For now, though, I am glad to know that I still have the desire to write. Even though my muse might be on vacation. In the meantime, I have lots of old stuff on disc to read that I wrote years ago - naughty and all.

If I posted it, would someone read it? I know it's not good. But hey, I didn't really write most of it to be good. I wrote it to be fun.

Review: Book - City of the Dead

I liked this book regardless of the fact that the main character is more or less incompetant. She's pleasant, kind and interesting. She has no talent for the warrior path but she does have a bit of the spell-plague.

The young lady is named Sophraea Carver and she's one of the Carver family of Waterdeep that take care of the City of the Dead - the largest, and possibly the only, cemetary in Waterdeep. She's the daintiest of all of the Carvers and the only female of the children. Also, the only one that has no talent for the cemetary's needs - headstones, statues and the like.

Almost immediately she meets Lord Aderbrant, also known as the Walking Corpse. People of Waterdeep don't really like him and some are afraid of him, but he proves to be a pleasant friend of the Carvers.

As she grows up, she decides that she wants to leave the family home and be a dressmaker, but when she meets a young wizard named Gustin Bone, she changes her mind. Adventure ensues as the dead of Waterdeep begins to rise and walk the city at night, tormenting, in particular, a nasty man named Rampage Stunk. Together Sophraea and Gustin must stop the dead from destroying Dead End House and the rest of Waterdeep.

Stunk proves and obstacle in this, but Lord Aderbrant turns out to be more trouble than they all thought. In the end though, it all works out for the best

Theres not a lot in the way of swordplay, or even really fighting, but it's a good book nonetheless. You can check it out at Amazon for about $8. I recommend it for a fun, quick read.
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