Nerdy Girl

So, I was at work the other day and I saw a guy wearing a "Browncoats" t-shirt (you know, Firefly) and I said to him, "Hey, cool t-shirt." He stared at me like I had three heads.

Later, I saw a guy wearing a t-shirts with some DC supers on it. I said, "My daughter would love that shirt. Batman is one of her favorites." Now apparently I have horns growing out of my three heads.

A few days later I saw a guy wearing a Transformers t-shirt (not from the movie, but one of the vintage ones) and I said something to him along the lines of ,"I like your shirt." I have sprouted a fourth head.

Why is it that when a girl says something about liking something nerdy, men stare like there's an alien in front of them. Really now, why? I am just as much a nerd as Doc Rotwang and everyone respects his nerdity, but I get stared at. Am I not supposed to know this stuff or am I just such an oddity that it requires a second look?

I wonder...


Devin said...

No idea what their problem is. If it were me, I'd be like, "Hey, thanks!"

Perhaps their social awkwardness hasn't worn off yet?

chatdemon said...

"Perhaps their social awkwardness hasn't worn off yet?"

That was my guess as well, I had a sudden flashback to watching Fear of Girls. I'm certainly no cassanova myself, but come on, I've never heard better of potential conversation starters than having a woman confess to sharing an interest by praising your own broadcasting of that interest. Wow.

I'm always thrilled to meet intelligent and nerdy/geeky women, if I can avoid ever sitting through another mindless conversation at a bar, I'll die happy.

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