My Game World

Years ago, before my daughter was born, I started my own game world. And promptly forgot all about it.

But recently I was thinking about it and dug out my notebook. Man, I have a lot of notes. Some of it is even backed up on disc. I had forgotten so much of what I have. And, boy, do I have a lot!

Since I decided to change my blog and do more game related stuff, I'm going to start documenting all of my game world. Originally, I started it up because I wanted to share it with everyone and make a sort of "drop-in" game world. Instead, I wrote a ton of stuff to use and set it aside. Never used it or anything.

I actually have two game worlds that I started - "The Divided Kingdoms" which has a very Faerun - Medieval Europe type feel with some Oriental/Arabic flavor tossed in. And "The Lands of the Azure Orb" which is kind of a melting pot of different cultures and peoples. I'm going to start with the Divided Kingdoms, mostly since it comes first in my notebook.

Everything in there is outlined and listed in order, but I don't think that that's very interesting to look at, so I'm going to try to write it out instead.


I've got a rather plain looking map that I drew out for this particular game setting. Nothing spectacular, just a quick sketch. At least it gives one an idea where things are and where things should be.

The first section that I have outlined is the landscape of the world.

The Backbone of the Gods
This is a line of towering, jagged and treacherous mountains that cuts the land into thirds. The tops of the mountains are so high in places that they get lost in the clouds. Snow caps the high peaks giving them a blue-white cast. Passages have been cut through the mountain range in areas so that trade can take place between the lands.

At the northern most point of the Backbone is The Peak of the Sun, the legendary home of the gods. The very top of the peak disappears into the clouds. Sun shines perpetually on the Peak of the Gods, lighting the Ivory City day and night. This City is huge and is the home of all of the deities of the Human Pantheon.

At the most southern end of the Backbone are the Obsidian Pillars, the entrance to the Underearth. Not much is known about the Obsidian Pillars except that no one ever goes there. The pillars are massive and taller than the tallest titan. Between them is the black maw of the Underearth and a horrible sulfuric smell. No human can enter into the Underearth and return unscathed. The Pillars are set into the side of the tallest peak, the Flamespire. An ancient volcano in origin, the Flamespire reaches to the clouds and spews noxious fumes day in and day out perpetually. No one lives near the Pillars because of the smell and the horrible sounds that emanate from the Flamespire and the Underearth.


SuperSooga said...

A belated welcome to blogging! Keep it coming.

Sean said...

Hmmmm gives me the idea to do the same - I have no gaming group around, so I'm stuck with my own imagination :( and this would be a good way to get my campaign thoughts documented. I look forward to reading yours and learning from it!

Devin said...

That's a pretty sweet map. For some reason, it's never occurred to me to create a fantasy world map on an oval/globe shape, though now that I've seen you do it, I'm wondering why I never thought of it.


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