The Divided Kingdoms - Haalspar

Going over the stuff that I have written up, I discovered some mistakes that I had made. Perfect time to clear them up. =o)

The Backbone of the Gods doesn't actually cut the land in thirds, it actually cuts it in half and an off-shoot of the mountain range called the Fangtongue Mountains cuts the eastern half in half once again. This seperates the Dwarves from the others. I'll get to more of that when I talk about Faarstadt - which I don't have a whole lot about.

Ok, on with Haalspar...

Haalspar takes up most of the western side of the continent - all but a small area of the Hoardelands of Dathar (which will be documented later). It is a huge "country" that extends from the northern shore at the Peak of the Sun all of the way down the Backbone of the Gods to the Obsidian Pillars and Flamespire.

Within the "country" of Haalspar there is the Monarchy of Krae, The Battered Expanse, Barony Thal, Shiregreen and Highrule. The Hoardelands of Dathar are technically part of Haalspar though they shown no allegiance to their governing body. The peoples of the Monarchy of Krae are generally human and elven, though any Elves stick mostly to Caydick and Aracdor. Elves were present in the city of Shiregreen until they started making and selling weapons and armor. The Elves felt somewhat threatened by this and decided to leave before they got pulled into the middle of things. Rumors of Dark Humans have been noted deeper in the south, though no one has really ever seen one. Dwarves pop up here and there, usually near Shiregreen since they have communities on the other side of the Backbone.

The Hoardelands of Dathar are comprised of flat grasslands and rolling hills. Small tribal villages made up of huts and long houses dot the landscape. The "capital" of the Hoardelands in a large village called Merk. Here the heads of all of the tribes come together to discuss things that are important to them. Festivals are held here in the spring and fall to welcome the harvest and the planting season. Think Norse and Celtic mixes of people.

The Monarchy of Krae has a very western European feel to it and has lots of rolling hills and meadowlands with some light wooded areas tossed around like pebbles. The largest city within the Monarchy of Krae is Aracador, a feudal kingdom that thrives on war and commerce. It is ruled by Family Borashal who has ruled for generations. The current ruler is King Finar Borashal. He has rule over all of Haalspar. He also has a very large army based in his home city of Arcador. This army offers protection to all citizens of Haalspar. The architecture of Arcador is generally sturdy and well-built with richly decorated homes and shops built from wood and stone.

The oldest city in Krae is Caydick. This city is quite old, parts of it date back a few hundred years, though most of it is under the current level of the city. Some say that underneath the newest foundation of Caydick are at least three levels of ancient buildings and probably at least a few strange creatures. There are a few entrances to these older levels though they are guarded by the city watch. Entering is frowned upon unless special permission is given by the head of the Adventurer's Guild.

South of the Monarchy of Krae is a section of land known as the Battered Expanse. A long stretch of land covered by tall, golden grasses, it is swept violently by constant winds. At night the winds carry the screams and moans of those that died in past battles between Elves and Humans. Traveling across the Expanse requires skill and extra supplies. There are roving bands of nomads that make their way across the Expanse and for a few gold, they will be glad to guide one through to the safety of the Barony Thal on southern side.

The land of the Barony Thal is much like the Monarchy of Krae, just further south. There are more forests in this area and less in the way of meadowlands. The largest city, Highfort, is in the middle of the Barony and is governed by Lord Baron Semoras Takat. Within the Barony is the well-known Singing Blades Warrior Academy. Many of the finest of the King's soldiers come from this school. Most of the Barony is of the half-timber variety and looks much like something that would be middle European.

Shiregreen is a human community south and near the Backbone of the Gods. They have the most blacksmiths of any other town and export weapons and armor through Haalspar, mostly to the soldiers in Krae. They also make practice weapons and armor for the Singing Blades Warrior Academy. But, at the same time, they will sell to anyone who has money. They mine their ore from caverns cut into the Backbone of the Gods. Rumor has it that they have mined so far down that they have found a completely new kind of metal, though there are no weapons as of yet. The most popular point of interest in Shiregreen would be the Laughing Vixen Inn and Tavern. The tavern is probably the best kept building in all of Shiregreen. Most of the other buildings have somewhat fallen into disrepair since they mostly focus on the weapons and armor.

Highrule is located in the Backbone of the Gods and has no real allegiance to Haalspar, it is just located within their realm. It is considered its own independent nation with no rulers outside of their walls.

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