The Divided Kingdoms - Faarstadt

Faarstadt is located at the northern side of the continent, east of the Backbone of the Gods. A large portion of the country is uninhabited, mostly due to the deep forests and inhospitable landscape. The weather itself is nasty - lots of heavy blowing winds, torrential rains and, in the winter, snowfall deep enough to cover homes. Few people traverse this land, and some of the ones that do, do not return.

Deepwell is located in the forest known as the Deepwood. This is the most well known forest in the entire country. It is dark, thick and treacherous. Dangerous creatures live within the forest, waiting for the ignorant to come wandering in. It doesn't happen often, but those that have made it back out have stated that "bones litter the ground". Deepwell itself is located somewhere in the middle of the forest in a hole in the ground. The only way known to enter the city of Deepwell is to drop down a sheer shaft by grappling hooks and ropes. This city is said to have been the home of the dark humans who inhabited the world before the other races started to come about. Of course, there is no proof of any of this. But it sounds nice...

Runeforge is a Dwarven Kingdom settled into the Fangtongue Mountains. They mine gems and metals to forge into their own works and to sell to others. The Elves have been known to buy quantities of both gems and metals from them for their own magnificent works. Rumors also state that some dark humans and dark elves have bought from them but the Dwarves don't talk about that. Runeforge is actually located in the mountains above their mines. Everything is carved from the stone of the Fangtongues. There are some farms outside of the mountains that the Dwarves work for vegetables and some meats, but for the most part they stay within the darkness of the mountains.

On the farthest side of Faarstadt are the Shell Shores. These pink and white shores attact many of the wealthiest people of the lands. They are brought here through portals that are provided by the mages of Highrule and Chantrya - that way they don't have to brave the horrible weather. The "sands" of these beaches are actually broken and battered shells from the ocean.

There are small villages here and there, dotting the landscape, but no large cities or kingdoms. There are no rulers of this land. But, far to the north, near the shores and the legendary location of the Peak of the Sun, are the Troll Kingdoms. No explorer has been there, so no one really has any clue where these kingdoms are located. The trolls come down to Runeforge once in a great while to purchase metals for their tools. It has been almost a generation since the trolls have been seen. Many believe that the Gods have brought the Trolls down because of their vicious nature.

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Devin said...

It's a fairly simple name, but Runeforge strikes me as an especially cool name for a Dwarven nation.

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