Normally when I make a dungeon map for a game, I sit down and draw out this big map with lots of rooms that will probably never get explored - or even described as anything other than "A dark, empty room". Recently, I decided to not to do that. I was going to instead Google up a map with a lot of useless rooms so I wouldn't have to draw one. Scratch that idea, too.

Instead, I went a whole new route. Something I've never done before. I created one room, the main one that everyone will start out in, and described it in a paragraph or two. I listed all of the appropriate details and anything that just seemed like fun to mention. I drew little exits off of the room and labeled them 2-5 (since 1 is the main room). I made an arrow pointing North. That's all.

Next, I went on to room two. I drew it out with all of the stuff to go along with it and continued on to room three. Lo and behold, I have a serviceable dungeon without all of the extra rooms. And I don't even draw that well. But hey, it worked out and I like what I have. So far I have six rooms in the main underground area, nothing outrageous, just a study chamber, a couple of storage rooms and a secret room or two. But it works.

Below that level is a subterranean level where other things are, mostly tunnels and lots of roots and rocks. I'm doing it the same way, going room by room. If I had to connect them all, they would come out just right.

I'm rather proud of my little unencumbered "dungeon" and it's follow-up subterranean lair.



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