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So we're finally getting around to starting up our games again. It's been a while and I am really looking forward to getting back to the action. We're doing Castles and Crusades, mostly cause it's a rocking system and does everything that we want it to. I've opted to run first cause I have an idea.

A nice little village nestled into a forest in a valley. Thatched roofs, half timber construction, lots of vegetation and animals - and Harpies. It seems that a ruined castle buried deep in the forest has attracted the attention of a band of aggressive, nasty Harpies. What's there? Well that's for the PCs to find out (and for me to figure out).

I've decided on doing what I call "Drop In Gaming". Basically, I'm taking a few hexes on the map and making up some stuff, then letting other people add to it. It's a way for all of us to run a game and not feel limited by what someone has created. Then when it's all together and fleshed out, we can gather it all up into a document and have something really cool from all of us. I'll talk more about it later, when I get some ideas together.


Sean said...

I think this is a great idea to start with, and one that worked well for us back in the "old" days - instead of strictly tying yourself to one setting or theme, as long as everyone agrees on the common "house rules" of character creation it gives you room for everyone to explore their own thoughts & ideas. It also helps because one DM doesn't feel tied down every single session - you follow a story arc as long as you want & then someone else takes over with theirs. The big issue is just making sure you have your ground rules for characters and items in advance, so that one DM doesn't hand out the super-Monty Haul-item of the week that unbalances everyone else's game...

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