Gamer Craziness

So we're finally getting around to starting up our games again. It's been a while and I am really looking forward to getting back to the action. We're doing Castles and Crusades, mostly cause it's a rocking system and does everything that we want it to. I've opted to run first cause I have an idea.

A nice little village nestled into a forest in a valley. Thatched roofs, half timber construction, lots of vegetation and animals - and Harpies. It seems that a ruined castle buried deep in the forest has attracted the attention of a band of aggressive, nasty Harpies. What's there? Well that's for the PCs to find out (and for me to figure out).

I've decided on doing what I call "Drop In Gaming". Basically, I'm taking a few hexes on the map and making up some stuff, then letting other people add to it. It's a way for all of us to run a game and not feel limited by what someone has created. Then when it's all together and fleshed out, we can gather it all up into a document and have something really cool from all of us. I'll talk more about it later, when I get some ideas together.
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