Too Much Stuff In My Head...

...and now I need to get it all out.

I have been wanting to do my own blog for quite some time but I just haven't done it. Why? Mostly because I'm lazy. Other reasons are just not interesting (no zombie attacks or anything that cool, just life).

So, here I am, starting a blog so I can jot down my ideas for stories, games, characters and anything else that gets stuck in the forefront of my mind. And believe me, that's a lot of stuff.

Recently I had an idea for something - be it a story or a one-on-one roleplaying game - that involved a person from modern England being transported to a faraway place. I know that it's been done before but that doesn't stop me from thinking about it.

Ok, so here it is:
A young woman, probably in her thirties is driving down the road on her way to work or wherever when a huge swirling blue vortex opens up in front of her. Seeing that she's driving down the road at a rather good clip, she can't help but drive through it. The vortex deposits her in the middle of a golden field somewhere. She's got a good head on her shoulders so she doesn't freak out. Instead she drives knowing that she will eventually run out of gas, but at least it's faster than being on foot.

Eventually, she comes to a river with no way to get the car across. There's a foot bridge, but that's all. Leaving the car behind, she starts walking. Everything looks a lot like England to her, just not a place that she recognizes. That goes to pot when she's set upon by men on horseback wearing what appears to medieval armor though a little more stylized. Now's when she starts to freak out a little. This obviously in not where she should be. The men on horseback take her away to a nearby castle an introduce her to the Prince, Faaric. She tells him that her name in Emma Pendarrin, which rings a bell with him.

She learns after a while that her great-grandmother, Lillian Pendarrin, had also been there and had been somesort of foretold sorceress that would bring down their enemies. Emma had always wondered what had happened to her great-grandmother. Faaric tells her that another Pendarrin was prophesied to arrive and would be a great warrior and protector of the kingdom - a champion. Emma has a hard time believing this but she doesn't know what else to do.


That's all I have so far. Nothing else is really definate, except that Faaric has a brother name Allric and he has his sights on the throne.


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