Sometimes I'll be sitting there watching TV and get an idea for something. This time I happened to be watching the Andromeda set on SciFi channel today and got all kinds of ideas for a space game. Don't have any idea what system I would use, but probably D6 Space since I like that one a lot.

It's a far off section of space, possibly somewhere in my Waystation Hope area, but maybe not. There are avatars of various things, like suns, stars, black holes, nebulas, etc; AI's of ships and great computer systems; lots of spaceships, androids, crazy blaster weapons; but no aliens. Humankind ran through and slaughtered alien civilizations to make way for the new human race, which screwed them all in the end anyway. There are lots of alien ruins and such, but no aliens as far as anyone knows. There is a huge black nebula called the End Way where nothing and no one can exist. Lots of planets and moons inhabited by all kinds of human with all kinds of agendas. Adventures of all sorts can happen and probably will. Law level is dependant on the planet or moon and the local government.

Has kind of a Traveller feel mixed with general space craziness. Traveller because one can do the whole cargo shifting life while exploring areas that may have not been explored before.

I'd like to do something like this but my problem is that I just don't always sit down and take time to work on things. I need to. I really need to.


Dr-Rotwang said...

So run the dang thing for me.

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