I'm Baaaccccckkkk!


I am glad to be back at it!

I have been working crazily on crochet projects left and right, trying to make enough inventory to get myself into a craft fair.  No luck so far finding ones that I can afford.  It's crazy how expensive booth space can be.  There is one local one that wants over $100 just for a table and two chairs.  And that's for the smaller table space!  I can't afford that, especially when I am not guaranteed to make that much back in sales.

But, in the meantime, I have gotten my Etsy shop set up and have posted a few items.  Please go check it out- Amber By Design.

I also have a dedicated Facebook page for my work.  There are some items on there that are not listed on my Etsy page.  Please check it out here.

I have been working a lot lately on my crocheting - learning new stitches, getting better at simple ones and following patterns more closely.  It's all working out nicely.  I will get some of my projects up here soon.

Unfortunately, I have not had nearly enough time or energy to focus on my costuming or just sewing in general.  I will get back into it soon enough.  Lots of new patterns (and some older ones) are calling my name.

Please check back later on.  My plan is to update weekly, as long as I can remember to.

Thanks all!


The Zoo Has Arrived!

You make one stuffed, fleece animal and next thing you know there are a bunch of them.  And the thing is that I can't really blame this on Lily because I enjoyed making  just as much as she enjoyed getting them. 

Meet Lemony Peanut, the Elephant.

Cornelia Mouse.

Hoots the Wise Owl

Penelope Pig

Patches Kitty

Pedro Pup

And Minnie Moose.

These were just so much fun to make and a great way to use up bits of fleece, ribbon and oddball buttons. I planned on making a bunch more of them for a craft fair in the spring but haven't gotten around to it yet.  We'll see if that happens it not.  


Crafts Tables and Freehand Bunnies

Last weekend was the local farmer's market and I had a table there.  I didn't sell a whole lot, but then again I wasn't really prepared for the whole thing since it has been almost two years since I last set up a table anywhere.  The fee was only $5 and I sold $27, so a $22 day.  Not bad.  Not great.  But not bad.  I do plan to set up my table every weekend until the farmer's market is over, so I have plenty of time to work on my table appearance and different items to sell.

I ranged from crocheted hats, scarves and mitts (which I didn't really expect to sell very well since it is summer), to beaded and fimo jewelry.  I had a few felt items out, like coin purses and magnets, as well.  I sold a pink fimo cupcake earring and necklace set, a felt coin purse, a pair of beaded earrings and a pair of fimo pumpkin earrings.  I was pleased.  A friend of mine stopped by and gave me some hints of what else I can do to liven up my table decor.  I stopped at Jo-Ann's and got an earring display.  It only holds one pair, but I want to go back and get the one that holds several pairs when it goes on sale.  I got some muslin to make a tablecloth and a banner to hang behind my table.  This weekend I may not have the banner made, but I have the better tablecloth and I am going to take my dress form to show off some of my hats and scarves.  I might even try to sell one of my costumes. Not sure about that just yet.

While there, Lily saw a cute little stuffed bunny at one of the tables.  It was very cute and only $9, but it was more of a shelf sitter as the bottom was weighted and it was very stiffly stuffed. And I think that I have the pattern around here somewhere.  So instead I sat down and started cutting out pieces of fleece and ended up with the orange bunny pictured here.  Her name is Bungee, which is a smash of Orange and Bunny.  The blue one pictured here I made afterward for my table.  I am very pleased at how well they came out.  And best part of all is that they are completely machine washable.

I started another project for my table, but I haven't quite finished it yet.  It's going to be a message board with little fabric flags and clothes pin painted to match the colors in the fabric scraps and held into an embroidery hoop.  I will take a picture of it later when I get it finished.  I want to work on a few more of these softies but in different varieties.  Lily and I decided on a kitty, a mouse, a bear, and a pig.  I think there was another one, but I can't remember what it was.

I have also been really wanting an embroidery machine but they are so expensive.  After talking with one of the other ladies at the farmer's market, I figured out how to do some small freehand embroidery on my sewing machine.  All I had to do was cover up the feed dogs with the little plastic cover and not drop the presser foot.  That gives me free range to move in what ever direction that I want.  I need to practice more to get my control right, but so far so good.  I can wait to practice more and maybe get something done with it.  I am thinking a tote bag.  Or maybe a coin purse.  I am not sure yet.

Have a good night!

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